Holmsbu *

Holmsbu er et hyggelig lite sted på sørvestkysten av Hurumlandet, i det vesentligste befolket av ‘sommer-turister’.
Picture 8665Holmsbu is a nice but very small place located on the south western coastline of the peninsula between the ‘Oslofjord’ and the ‘Drammensfjord’. Mostly Holmsbu are inhabited by people visiting the place during summer, but on a permanent basis there are only 340 people living here throughout the year.

Picture 8659Sentralt plassert i Holmsbu finner vi det kjente ‘Holmsbu Bad, mens vi finner Quality Spa & Resort Holmsbu   noe lenger ute på vei mot Rødtangen.

Centrally located in Holmsbu we find the renowned ‘Holmsbu Bad‘, and somewhat further out – towards Rødtangen: the ‘Quality Spa & Resort Holmsbu‘!

Picture 8650Holmsbu har en fantastisk flott og godt beskyttet havn. Her ligger man trygt uansett vær! I bakgrunnen ‘Odden’.

Holmsbu have a nice and well protected harbour that will guarantee a safe mooring no matter what kind of weather comes along.  In the background: ‘Odden’

Picture 8653
Picture 8645 Hvite hus klynger seg til strandlinjen rundt hele bukta.

White houses hug the shoreline all around the bay.

Picture 8656 Tenk deg at du kan innta din morgenkaffe her – 10 meter fra vannet og mens fuglene kvitrer sin morgen serenade?

Imagine drinking your morning coffee here, – 10 yards from the sea,  while the local birds serenade you from the treetops all around?

Picture 8658Men – la oss ta en liten tur i høyden for å skaffe oss et overblikk?

But let’s move upwards somewhat and possibly obtain a better view of the surroundings?

Picture 8661Fra ‘Odden’ går det en sti bak Holmsbu Bad og videre oppover i terrenget –

From ‘Odden’ we find a track behind ‘Holmsbu Bad’ that takes us upwards –

Picture 8662 I løpet av kort tid passerer vi dette idylliske huset med sin hage

In a very short time we pass this idyllic house with its beautiful garden –

Picture 8663Veien er bratt og vi klatrer høyere og høyere –

The road is getting steeper and we ar climbing still higher –

Picture 8664I horisonten kan vi  ane konturene av ‘Svelvik‘ på den andre siden av fjorden

In the horizon we may see the contours of ‘Svelvik‘ on the other side of the fjord.

Picture 8667Langt under oss ligger nå Holmsbu. Det er fristende å montere et teleobjektiv på kameraet og rette det mot Svelvik
Svelvik kan bli vårt neste reisemål!

Far below us lies Holmsbu. It’s tempting to mount a telescopic lens on the camera in order to point in the direction of Svelvik –  Svelvik, which might be our next destination!

Picture 8671Her oppefra  har vi en fantastisk utsikt over Drammenfjorden –

From up here we have an astounding view of the ‘Drammensfjord’
Picture 8668xTa dette bildet opp i ‘full screen’. Ser dere at farvannet er grunt? Og Drammen er Norges største importhavn for biler!  Gjennom dette sundet  passerer faktisk bilskip på rundt 20 000 dwt!

Click this picture to ‘full screen’!  Can you see the narrow inlet in the far end? Through this inlet there are som reasonable big ships passing as Drammen, which lies in the bottom of the fjord, is the main import harbour for cars to Norway.

Bilde 1061bLitt nærmere Rødtangen finner vi Quality SPA & Resort vakkert beliggende helt nede ved sjøen. Her kommer man i nærkontakt med elementene!

A bit closer to ‘Rødtangen’ les the Quality SPA & Resort beautifully located by the beach:
Here you may really come into close contact with the elements.

Bilde 1060bFør vi helt forlot Holmsbu stoppet vi for et lite måltid og en forfriskning her på ‘Privaten Cafe’ –

Before leaving Holmsbu all together, we stopped for a small meal and some refreshments here at ‘Privaten Cafe’

Picture 8660Do you want to see more from Norway?  Then I suggest that you check our front page under ‘Geographic Zones’, or that you just try one of the links below?

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15 Responses to Holmsbu *

  1. Else Sorum says:

    Holmsbu Bad is not a SPA-hotell.. Only an old name Bath-hotel from the beginning (ca 1900)

  2. When you look at picture 4 I’m born and raised across the bay to the left where the red rock is – Sand, also a lovely place where they grow apples, lots of Apples 🙂

    • Seenorway says:

      Hi Bodil,

      How nice! Then i sort of kindled your homesickness? 🙂 Or have you been where you are too long? I observe that you feel somewhat more comfortable with English?
      (And that’s quite all right!) If you have friends among Americans with a Norwegian heritage, please give them our address. Originally this blog was created primarily for those people. I’m a bit uncertain as to where you mean? Across the Drammen fjord? That’s called Berger on the coast that you see and from the tip andon the back side it’s calledc ‘Sande’. That’s probably what you mean, right? And a bit to the south the city of Holmestrand? Nice to meet you!

      Hello Bodil, –

      I’m coming back to you because I suddenly remembered that we do have a photo report from Sande!
      Of course, there has been a lot of changes made since you were there, but on the other hand seeing these pictures may jog your memory?
      And it will be fun to show your family how it looks today, even if it was different in your days?

      So here you will find our Sande-reeport:

      Please remember that you may click most of these pictures into full screen viewing.

      You may see other places throughout Norway by opening ‘INDEX’ (Geographic zones) and select any photo report.
      Once you’re inside the actual link is placed to your far left in each line (GOTO) Please enjoy!

  3. Mormor says:

    Det har kommet til MASSE båter siden sist jeg var der 🙂

  4. Patrizia M. says:

    Veramente fantastico!!!

  5. allesistgut says:

    Holmsbu looks like the perfect summer location. But Lillesand in Aust-Agder isn’t bad either! 😉

  6. joshi daniel says:

    nice greenery and loved those lined up boats 🙂

  7. jalal michael sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com says:

    Superb pictures.jalal

    • Thank you so much! And it seems like I have found the key to obtain the number of hits that I’m really getting 😀 Today is a ‘record day’ second days in a row. I have been a bit frustated over the fact that 40% of my hits aren’t recorded as such.

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