Horten – Løvøya

Horten er både en kystby i Vestfold, beliggende mellom Holmestrand i nord og Tønsberg i sør, og  kommune med samme navn. Det er ingen stor by. Kommunen har 18713 innbyggere og en betydelig andel er bosatt i selve byen og området i umiddelbar nærhet.
Men i utkanten av kommunen finner vi en større halvøy – Løvøya – som for det meste fungerer som et friareal med camping og en rekke bademuligheter.  Det er den vi skal ta for oss idag!

Picture 526Horten is both a city and a community, located on the western side of the ‘Oslofjord’, and – it’s not a large city. Rather small, in fact! The community has only 18713 inhabitants, of which most of them live in the town itself or in the very near surroundings.
In the outskirts of this community there is a peninsula -‘Løvøya’ (Leaf Island) mostly used for leisure activities like boating, swimming or camping. An that’s where we are going today!
Kopi av Picture 542Her et nærbilde av en av de mange små strendene hvor en lokal svane også tar seg et lite solbad.

Here a close-up of one of many small beaches where a local swan also is taking a ‘sun bath’
Picture 528For de få heldige som har greid å skaffe seg en hytte her ute er det også godt skjermede båtplasser.

For the very few fortunatre enogh to have secured a cabin in these parts, there are also well sheltered small craft harbours.

Picture 530Og i tilfelle noen av feriegjestene skulle føle behov for å be om bedre vær så ligger ‘Løvøya kapell’ lagelig til –
Løvøya kapell er en gammel steinkirke som antas å være bygget en gang mellom 1223 og 1398 med en form som man kjenner fra Orknyøyene. Sist restaurert 1950.

And in case some of the campers should feel the need to adress the lord and ask him to provide a bit less rain, ‘Løvøya chapel’ is handy located at the edge of the camping site.

Kopi av Picture 536De forskjellige teltplassene er plassert med god avstand mellom hverandre og panoramautsikt over fjorden.

The different camping sites are placed with an ample distance in between. Most of them with a panoramic view over the fjord.

Kopi av Picture 537Her en privat brygge tilhørende en lokal hytteeier –
Here a private pier belonging to a local cabin owner.

Kopi av Picture 539

Picture 535Her en annen liten intim strand med utsikt til Oslofjorden –
Here another intimate little beach overlooking the ‘Oslofjord’

Picture 534En hyggelig plass for en sommerferie i Norge?
Du kan lese mer historikk om Løvøya her!

A nice spot for a camping holliday in Norway?
(Compliments of SRB )


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14 Responses to Horten – Løvøya

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  2. What wonderful views and such a lovely little chapel

    • An pretty old too! But – outside of summer there’s practically no one out there . . .
      I don ‘t know if they close in the winter, but it wouldn’t really surprise me.

      • What a nice quiet reflective place to sit in the quiet though.. just taking in all that peace.. 🙂 arrrgh just sighing at the thought of it.. But for me I need no building.. the hillside is a worthy place of worship as we give our thanks in gratitude to Mother Nature and her Divine Love…
        You must have so enjoyed walking among these scenes to take your photo’s 🙂 Really breath taking

        • Yes, I did, Sue. And as I recall it was a rather hot (and swetty ) day 🙂 exhausting an old man where there wasn’t much to drink underway. But I got the pictures! That’s the important thing. I’d love to have sat down reflecting (like you said), but at the end of the day I would have returned 40-50 pictures short. This is a serious job, you know! 🙂

  3. kalabalu says:

    Its a place you want to belong, rather than own..to be and feel..the soft breeze. that please my mind..

  4. Great place you have there:)

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