A summer morning –

Picture 8211Å hvilken deilig morgen!  Solen varmer; det er mat i massevis og livet er herlig!

Oh, what a beautiful day! The sun is warming up; there’s nectar in abundance and life is wonderful!

Picture 8213Etter en kjølig natt så er dette akkurat hva jeg trenger!

After a cool night, this is just what the doctor ordered!

Picture 8223Hallo du!  Hvem er du og hva pokker gjør du her på min blomst?
Hello there! Who are you, and what the hel are you doing on my flower?

Picture 8188Det er ikke noe som heter ‘min blomst’!  Og dessuten var jeg her først!
There’s nothing called ‘my flower’. Moreover I was here first this morning!

Picture 8191Først, først . . .!  Bare se til å pakk deg avgårde din feite nattsvermer. Dette er min blomst!

First, first . . .! Just get off my flower fatso, or you’ll have a fight on your hands!

Picture 8208Å , jeg vet nå ikke!  Jeg er jo i en helt annen vektklasse en deg da. Kanskje du burde finne deg en annen blomst? Og jeg er ikke ‘feit’, bare så det er sagt!

Oh, I don’t know? I’m playing in another league than you. And for weight class, I’m not
a fat guy, just so you know!

Picture 8204Ha, din lille hanekylling, tror du virkelig du kan hamle opp med meg? Nå vipper jeg deg over kanten her . . .

What a chicken! Do you really think you can stand up to me? To me!? Now I’ll just push you over the edge here. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Picture 8201Der!  Adjø med deg ditt feite kryp!  Du er ingen match for en som meg!
There! Good bye you fat little creep. You’re no match for a pricefighter like me!

Picture 8205Hva i huleste? Er du der igjen? Gir du aldri opp? Må jeg hive deg over kanten enda en gang?

What the hell? Is that you again?  Don’t you know when to quit? Do I really have to spin you over the side yet another time?

Fotografen bryter inn:
The photographer intervene:

De holdt kampen gående i 45 minutter og jeg ville bruke opp alt for mye av min lagringsplass om jeg skulle gitt dere ‘full dekning’ –

They kept the match going for another 45 minutes and I’d be using too much og may storage space giving you a full coverage  🙂
(Compliments of SRB)

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13 Responses to A summer morning –

  1. Ah, pictures and thoughts of summer! Juse what I needed as I look out the window at all the snow.
    Thanks for making my day.


  2. kalabalu says:

    very cute dialogue and pictures are sunny and funny..honey is mney and insects too fight over sweetness ..

  3. Those are incredible photo series ! thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. allesistgut says:

    I’m sure this was a funny and interesting thing to watch. ;D Your dialogue is great. Makes me laugh! Ha en kjempefin helg!

  5. What a delightful set of photo’s and story to accompany them… 🙂 The Sun here is out again in the UK again today… Wonderful to feel its rays and see blue sky for a change.. 🙂

  6. Thank you 🙂 Not quite as sharp as I would have wished for, but small creatures move amazingly fast . . .

  7. Mjollnir says:

    Nice pictures and i love the dialogue 🙂

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