Fossli Hotell

På en fjellhammer rett over Vøringfossen ligger det gamle tradisjonsrike Fossli Hotel, opprinnelig bygget i 1879, et tidspunkt hvor det ikke fantes vei opp gjennom Måbødalen eller opp på selve fjellet, startet byggingen Materialer måtte stort sett bæres! Et virkelig blodslit! Og – etter 12 års byggevirksomhet i 1891 sto endelig hotellet ferdig!
Den norske komponisten Edw. Greig bodde ofte her, og det kjente verket ‘Opus 66’ ble til under et opphold på Fossli. Pianoet står her fortsatt!
Siden har hotellet blitt bygget ut og modernisert og har i dag 21 rom.
Det pussige er jo at man ikke kan se Vøringfossen fra hotellet, men man hører fosseduren!
Og fra hotellets mange utsiktsplatformer kan man se rett ned i selve juvet dypt under oss!

On a mountain hammer just above Vøringfossen is the old traditional Fossli Hotel, originally built in 1879, a time when there was no way up through Måbødalen or up on the mountain itself, construction started Materials mostly had to be carried! A real bloodbath! And – after 12 years of construction in 1891, the hotel was finally finished! The Norwegian composer Edw. Greig often lived here, and the famous work ‘Opus 66’ was created during a stay at Fossli. The piano is still here! Since then, the hotel has been expanded and modernized and today has 21 rooms. The funny thing is that you can not see Vøringfossen from the hotel, but you hear the waterfall!
And from the hotel’s many viewing platforms you can see straight down into the gorge itself deep below us!

Rett inn fra terrassen har hotellet anlagt en liten koselig cafeteria.
Straight in from the terrace. the hotel has built a small cozy cafeteria.
I neste etasje ligger danse-restauranten.
On the next floor lies the dance restaurant.
Og med rommelige salonger like ved.
With spacious sitting-rooms close by.
Eller man kan ta med seg kaffe, te eller andre forfriskninger og nyte naturen fra terrassen?
Or you might bring your coffee, tea or other refreshments onto the terrace and enjoy nature!

(Compliments of SRB)
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10 Responses to Fossli Hotell

  1. Looks a fantastic Hotel with fantastic views.. 🙂

  2. -Eugenia says:

    What a lovely place to stay! Surrounded by beautiful scenery and a cozy atmosphere is ideal!

  3. utesmile says:

    The hotel looks rather big, bigger than 21 rooms. I checked it on Google and it is not that expensive as I thought. I get ideas from your pictures. My partner loves Waterfalls and you have plenty in Norway. So I could find a route to drive around by car and explore.

    • Seenorway says:

      During summer (and possibly early fall) you could have the experience of your life, however, be warned that you might encounter snowfall in the mountain areas anywhere and at any time from mid-September. Thus your car should be a 4×4 with winter tires at least. During summer you will be OK! Please also remember that Norway is a very long country South to North but may be crossed in 5-6 hours East to West, but whatever you
      do – make time for stops underway! By the way, at the moment the UK is æred country’ as far as ‘Corona’ goes! Now is a bad time! I have no idea what is going to happen next year! I don’t think anyone knows!

  4. Missy’s Crafty Mess says:

    What a beautiful place to stay.

  5. Seenorway says:

    Tradisjonsrikt, men det spørs om det holder i lengden?
    Men kanskje er det corona som er årsaken til dårlig besøk?

  6. Annemor Schønhaug says:

    Har ikke vært der på evigheter. Koselig å “gjense”

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