From ‘The Jostedalsbreen National Park’

For noen år siden tok jeg meg inn til en brearm som egentlig heter ‘Austerdalsbreen’, men som egentlig er en mindre arm av Norges største isbre: ‘Jostedalsbreen’ (487
Dette introduksjonsbildet er av elven ‘Austerdalselva’ som for det meste er smeltevann fra breen, men selvsagt også regn og andre mindre tilsig gjennom dalen.
Selve fotoreportasjen består av totalt 18 bilder, og reportasjen i sin helhet kan dere se om dere åpner denne linken: JOSTEDALSBREEN NATIONAL PARK. (1310
Når bildet kan virke litt uskarpt, så skyldes dette i høy grad at det i den innerste del av dalen nærmest alltid regner grunnet kondens skapt av varm sommerluft mot den kalde isbreen.
Some years ago, I decided to take a trip to the inner parts of the valley: ‘Austerdalen’ where the glacier ‘Austerdalsbreen’ comes down from the much larger ‘Jostedalen Glacier, which is actually the largest glacier in Norway stretching something like 487 sq. km.
That national Park itself includes 1310 of beautiful mountain nature.
The introduction picture (above) is from the river: ‘Austerdalselva’. which is mostly melting water from the glacier, but also rainwater and from different creeks throughout the valley.
My original photo report from this area includes a total of 18 pictures and may be seen in full if you open this link:  JOSTEDALSBREEN NATIONAL PARK
If you feel my picture may be a bit fuzzy, it’s due to a more or less permanent rain in parts of this valley due to varm summer air colliding with the cold glacier.

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2 Responses to From ‘The Jostedalsbreen National Park’

  1. Seenorway says:

    It’s cold, I’ll give you that! This summer a tourist ignoring the warning signs was taken by an ice fall and swept into a glacier lake where she died/drowned – probably due to cold, cramps or both.
    But – warning signs are put in place for a reason, not to be ignored even if the nature looks peaceful.

  2. -Eugenia says:

    Majestic view! I wouldn’t even want my toe in that icy water.

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