The Lofoten Wall

Øygruppen ‘Lofoten’ strekker seg ut i Norskehavet og omtales ofte som ‘Lofotveggen’.
Særlig på våren kan man finne flotte kontraster mellom nytt løv og snødekte tinder i det fjerne som i dette bildet tatt fra Steigen inne på Helgelandskysten.
Den lille bukta til høyre har sandbunn, men vanntemperaturen er nok i kaldeste laget for de fleste.
The archipelago called ‘Lofoten’ stretches out from the mainland into the Norwegian Sea and is often called ‘Lofotveggen’ (Trans.:  ‘The Lofoten Wall’ )
Especially in the spring you may find beautiful contrasts between new foilage and snow covered peaks on the horizon (like in the picture taken from ‘Steigen’ on the coast of ‘Helgeland’.
The small cove to your right has a sandy bottom, but water temperatures may be a bit more chilly than you’d expect”!

(Compliments of RXS)
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12 Responses to The Lofoten Wall

  1. Paola says:

    Lofoten are in my travel wishlist

    • Seenorway says:

      Good! You’ll certainly not be alone ! 🙂
      The comfortable way to go about it is sailing our coastal line: ‘ Hurtigruta’, but you may save a lot of money (and time) if you do not take the full trip.
      I recommend flying in the the City of Trondheim. Embark on the ship and disembark at the City of Tromsoe. From there you may fly home (or to another destination) That means you’ll be staying on the ship for approximately 3 days, and with favourable weather I think you’ve made it!

  2. Love the snowy range of mountains in the background.. Such beautiful blues too 🙂

  3. -Eugenia says:

    Beautiful scene with the snow covered in the background. I imagine the water to be very chilly.

  4. Seenorway says:

    Det er tatt av en av våre ‘pensjonerte’ fotografer!

  5. vestlending says:

    Fantastisk flott bilde!

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