Panorama Hjelledalen – Stryn

Her viser vi dere et panoramabilde fra Hjelledalen i Stryn. I dette området finnes fjelltopper som tilbyr skiturer hele sommeren igjennom! Fjellet til venstre heter ‘Grova Hyrna’ , mens massivet i bakgrunnen heter ‘Skålatårnet’ og rager 1843 meter!

Here we present you with a panorama shot from the valley named ‘Hjelledalen’ located in the municipality of Stryn in the western part of our country.
The mountain to your left is called ‘Mt. Grove Hyrna’ whilst the mountain massive in the background is named ‘Mt. Skaalataarnet’ and rises 6082 feet into the sky!

(Compliments of PMR)
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23 Responses to Panorama Hjelledalen – Stryn

  1. Rajiv says:

    Didn’t realise that you have mountains!

    • Seenorway says:

      Oh yes! Not the highest in the world, though. The highest peak in Norway stands 2469 meters (8147 feet) but mmany of our median peaks around 5500 feet fall straight down into our fjords. Like you may see in our reports from Geiranger:

      • Rajiv says:

        That is not bad! I grew up in the hills of India. School was 6,700 feet above sea level

        Tourists, and a greedy administration, have messed up the city

        • Seenorway says:

          The difference being that India is far to the south and we’re pretty far to the north, thus the temparatures at 6000 feet may be veeery different!

          • Rajiv says:

            Oh, it gets cold in India! When I was in school, winter temperatures were often well below zero Celsius. We would get snow in November.

            Now, a lonely snowflake makes its way to the town in January.

            It is sad that, despite our ‘wisdom’, we mess the only we world we have to live in

            • Seenorway says:

              He, he, yes, Rajiv, but ‘cold’ is a relative word. We have a place in Norway called ‘Roeros’, which is an old mining town located about 1900 feet above sea level. During winter the temperatures may fall to 40 – 43 degrees below zero. As temperatures tend to fall one degree pr 100 meter in height, you may only imagine what the temperatures might turn into at the top of these mountains!
              I remember visiting Calcutta some time in the late 50’thies. Something like 50 indians had frozen to their deaths during on night. The temperatures had been dipping down to
              6 degrees PLUS during the night, but then again the normal night tempweratures had been lying around 28 degrees! So I think it’s much about what one is used to?

            • Rajiv says:

              True… the coldest place in India is about 35 degrees zero. I pity the soldiers who have to stand on guard outside for hours on end

              The coldest I have been to is Harbin in China. Minus 35

            • Seenorway says:

              THe lowest temperatures I personally have experienced was during the WW II when I lived deep into the woods in the Eastern Norway and could go skiing in temperatures around minus 40-42. Strange to think of it today, but we did all right – even if our boots had been filled with soles from newspapers! 🙂

            • Rajiv says:

              That is so true!

            • Rajiv says:

              But… I cannot stand hot & humid weather… I prefer cold, dry climate. I can survive dry heat but not humid heat

            • Seenorway says:

              Neither can I, Rajiv, but my preferances have changed with age.
              Today I feel my best from 17 – 25 degrees C, but I can hold 30-32 for a short time!
              And it’s OK from minus 8 til pluss 10 as well as long as i put something on!

            • Rajiv says:

              Well, mine have changed as well. Damn! Grey hair does strange things to me!

            • Seenorway says:

              Aw, well, Rajiv, that’s what’s called ‘a distinguished appearance’! 🙂
              Girls are falling for that kind of thing! Veeery flattering!

            • Rajiv says:

              I hope they are !!

  2. This photo reminding me what is to come.. Today a real chill in the air in the UK today, as the wind picked up a little.. But we have much to be thankful for considering the horrendous damage that IRMA has done .. Lovely photo shot.

    • Seenorway says:

      I believe it was ‘Harvey’ that was the culprit this time? Hurrican Irma hasn’t made landfall as of yet, but if President Trump (wh doesn’t believe in climate changes) plans to play golf on Sunday morning, I hope he’s been glueing his cap on. He’ll be lucky if he has a favourite golfing range come tuesday! ‘Irma’ is due to hit Florida Sunday morning!!!

  3. Missy's Crafty Mess says:


  4. Seenorway says:

    You should see it in the winter!

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