The Chestnut Tree

Dette enorme kastanjetreet ser ut til å vokse rett opp av asfalten, men kumlokkene indikerer at det kanskje får vann og næring fra andre steder?  Det vokser i alle fall på kaiene i sentrum av byen Drøbak!
This enormous chestnut tree seems to grow straight out of the asphalt, but  manhole covers seem to indicate that it gets nutrition and water elsewhere? 🙂
At any rate this mighty tree grows in the middle of the piers in the center of the city of Droebak!
(Compliments of SRB )

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2 Responses to The Chestnut Tree

  1. -Eugenia says:

    Oh, my! That’s amazing and what a stunning tree! It must get water from somewhere.

    • Seenorway says:

      Yes, of course! It’s really simple! This tree must be more than 60 years old and at that time there were only gravel in the wharf area in the city Droebak! (And it wasn’t even a city! 🙂 )
      Then at some point came the asphalt and today it looks kind of strange, but its rooting must reach more than 20 feet deep?! Perhaps it has a secret? Perhaps it has learned how to utilize salty water?

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