Along the Drammen River

Det er midt på dagen – en solrik sensommerdag som passer ypperlig til litt fotografering fra elvebredden. Drammenselva har jeg vist dere flere ganger tidligere, men de er noen år siden sist. Og siden den gang har det tilkommet mange nye ‘følgere’ som antagelig heller ikke graver i gamle arkiver 🙂  Dermed blir jo mine over 8000 bilder liggende der de
ligger – en  usett liten ‘kulturskatt’ for spesielt interesserte!
It’s in the middle of the day – a sunny late summer day that is perfect for a bit of photography from the riverbank. I have shown you the ‘Drammen River’ several times before, but that has become a few years ago. And since then, many new ‘followers’ have been added who probably do not dig into old archives either 🙂 Thus, my more than 8000 photos will be left where they are located – an unseen little ‘cultural treasure’ for those particularly interested!
Disse bildene er i hovedsak tatt fra en idyllisk liten øy kalt ‘Langesøya’ forbundet med den øvrige elvebredden via en liten bro. Herfra kan man få seg en liten svømmetur eller man
kan velge å bare nyte solen fra en benk mellom trærne.

These pictures are mainly taken from an idyllic small island called ‘Langesøya’ connected to the rest of the river bank via a small bridge. From here you can get a little swim, or you may choose to just enjoy the sun from a bench in-between the trees.

(Compliments of SRB)
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About Seenorway

'See Norway' vil i fremtid befatte seg med å vise bildereportasjer fra byer, kommuner og tettsteder rundt i Norge. 'See Norway' will take pride in showing you picture reports from communities and settlements throughout Norway. Contact:
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18 Responses to Along the Drammen River

  1. Aww!! Nature looks so pretty overwhelmed with the greenary …☺️😻

    • Seenorway says:

      It happened to be a very sunny day and with absolutely no winds to speak of. (Not a ripple in the river)
      And a fine day for photography! Please notice that underneath my top frame – a little to the right – you will find a small window (a text widget) where may search for special destinations!
      If you insert ‘Oslo’ (and hit the enter-button) you will be presented for all mye photos from the region of Oslo (our capital), but you may try for any reference in Norway.
      How about trying this word? ( Voeringfoss )
      The pictures that appear are larger than your screen! That will enbale you to navigate by scrolling, thus experience much more from this area! (I think you will like it!)

      • Woww!!! Everything looks fantastic…
        Are you a photographer by profession??
        Oslo Norway looks beautiful…
        Voeringfoss is stunning with those waterfalls…with a slight rainbow 🌈

        When we look deep into the nature we can see them posing towards the camera 📸 dressed with many unique colors that makes us give a look to them. Sometimes, she may be gorgeous for a bride else, she may be crying hard like a waterfall…

        Go out for a walk…. Don’t wait until for a happy moment.. just seek for it.. life starts to change…✨

        Thank you seenorway for spending a wonderful talk with crimsonblogs…☺️

        • Seenorway says:

          When I saw your first macro shot I recognized the interest for photography, and – that is mainly why I am here! My second reason: Trying to promote some kind of undestanding among people
          with a totally different cultural background. (There’s way too munch unrest in our world!) But I’m very far from being a monk! 🙂 But I’m trying to be honest in what I say and do! After all,
          my time on Earth is somewhat limited and I hope to be able to use it wisely! No’ I’m not a professional photographer, but I have been shooting pictures (or movies) since the early 50thies!
          And it has – over the years become a cherished hobby of mine! Over the last 3 years I have not been using any of my professional cameras at all! Not a single picture!
          All pictures shot since 2019 has been shot with a handheld phone!:-) (Including all from the Voeringfoss waterfall) It goes to prove that the photo technology as far as phones go has been taking gigant steps forward. No need to carry photobags with 20 lbs of photo equipment any more!
          Judging by your name; Indian? 🙂

          • You talk really well…
            I’m Nandhana from Kerala ( god’s own country)…
            I too love taking photos…
            I find joy from them….☺️

            • Seenorway says:

              Thank you! Last time I visited Kerala I ate Chicken Suey at the Malabar Hotel! His was approximately 1959 I think. Memory getting a bit fuzzy over the years,
              but I can still remember the fishermen throwing their nets at the inlet to Cochin. Most likely the city has changed its name as so many others throughout India.
              Is the Malabar hotel still there to the left of the port entrance?

            • Wow!! Thank you for visiting kerala ☺️
              I hope … malabar hotel still there..not sure.
              I think you are a foodie..loves the taste of Kerala ‘ n other places..

            • Seenorway says:

              Oh well, you know, I’m an old man, and I have had the pleasure of visiting at least 73 different countries, and of course I have tried out the cousine where ever I visited. Cochin and Kerala I have visited about a dozen times, but much have changed since then! India as well as myself! Many different cultures, many religions, many different kinds of people and most everyone saw this ‘world of ours’ in a different perspective. (Not very unexpected!)
              The Malabar Hotel used to be an English club and was located a couple of hundred yard to the left of the sailing inlet to Cochin.
              I have also visited Mumbai (then named Bombay) at least a dozen times! (May be more? I don’t recall any more)

            • Aww!! So sweet… you are a world 🌎 traveler too… May God bless you…the strength to wander’n see your day dream life ✨ destination…

  2. Men her fant jeg en reportasje fra Drammens elva som jeg ikke kan huske å ha sett før? Flotte bilder Svein og selvsagt en reportasje jeg ønsker å få med meg.

  3. allysoally says:

    It’s quite beautiful, Svein!

  4. utesmile says:

    Very beautiful! So tranquil and calm.

  5. Seenorway says:

    So did those girls! 🙂 But it was a really fine day!

  6. -Eugi ☕️ says:

    Beautiful scenery, Svein! I would love to be sitting on that bench between the trees! Sigh.

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