Finally! Spring is here!

Det er en stund siden snøen forsvant, men natte-temperaturene har tidvis ligget godt under ‘null-punktet’ etterfulgt av iskald vind gjennom dagen!  Men – nå skal det snu!
Blomster har så langt overlevd nattens iskalde grep og om noen dager nå, så lover man
mere normale temperaturer for årstiden. Ikke å forglemme at Juni regnes som den første
sommermåneden? Og da bør vel kanskje temperaturer stå i stil? 🙂
It has been a while since the snow disappeared, but the night temperatures have occasionally been well below the ‘zero point’ followed by icy winds throughout the day! But – now it’s going to change! Flowers have so far survived the night’s icy grip and in a few days now, they promise more normal temperatures for the season. Not to forget that June is considered to be the first the summer month? And then maybe temperatures ought to be in style? 🙂
Det ser ut til at jeg selv er litt ute av trening, så kanskje bør jeg fremover fokusere litt mer på meg selv enn på blomstene? 🙂

It seems that I myself am a little out of training, so maybe in the future I should focus a little more on myself than on the flowers? 🙂

(Compliments of SRB)
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18 Responses to Finally! Spring is here!

  1. Over from Eugi’s to see the colors. Well done!

    • Seenorway says:

      Thank you! I have been at this for some time, and if you would cherrish Norwegian nature, this is the place to browse!
      When you have the time, of course!

  2. Beautiful, coloured life! Thank you

  3. Gorgeous blooms!😍

  4. eyeandview says:

    Very wonderful pictures!

  5. Svein, I swear I can smell the fragrance of these lovely spring flowers. Wonderful photos! ❤ All the best!

  6. Beautiful variety of colors ! Que viva la primavera!

  7. -Eugenia says:

    Such beautiful detail and the colors are glorious! Gorgeous shots, Svein.

  8. Don’t get too excited…. we still have some rain to spare and its heading your way 😃

    • Seenorway says:

      I know! But in another 2 days only, you will be dried up and we may open for ‘summer 2021’:
      Then I may place myself in the centre of things, letting nature get used to my presence and capture the life around me!

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