Getting Old is Tough!

Det kan til tider være litt vanskelig å erkjenne at man er i ferd med å bli gammel!
Særlig når hukommelsen svikter og man tar bilder av ‘gamle kjenninger’ men som plutselig ikke helt svarer til offisielle beskrivelser. Campanula? Eller i det minste et medlem av campanula-familien, men navnet akkurat denne? Nei – det er glemt!
Men – selve blomsten er jo like attraktiv på tross av min elendige hukommelse og –
fotografert ble den – akkurat som ifjor og året før!
It can be a little difficult at times to admit that you are getting old! Especially when the memory fails and you take pictures of ‘old acquaintances’ but which suddenly do not quite correspond to official descriptions. Campanula? Or at least a member of the campanula family, but the name of just this one? No – it is forgotten! But – the flower itself is just as attractive despite my miserable memory and – it was photographed – just like last year and the year before!

Da er det servert! Kom og spis!

Then it is served. Come and get it!

(Compliments of SRB)
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17 Responses to Getting Old is Tough!

  1. Is it your birthday? Anyway, thank you for the flowers, the colour is so beautiful. My mother said: If you don’t want to get older, die young 😉

  2. Jorunn says:

    Jeg mener de her heter blåklokker 😄

    • Seenorway says:

      Nei – ‘blåklokker’ vasser jeg jo i ute i fjellheimen. De kjenner jeg godt, men jeg har ikke sett arten på fotografiet i vill tilstand. Derimot er de en gjenganger i hager og på hagesentra.

  3. Lovely flowers! We are all getting older. 🙂 Thank you for sending flowers! ❤

  4. Annemor Schønhaug says:

    Just enjoy what you see and be happy because you still can see the beauty and even take photos of it.

  5. So delicate and beautiful!

  6. -Eugenia says:

    I think we can be forgetful no matter what age we are. I call it mind overload because there is so much “stuff” filtering through our mind. Beautiful photos and such lovely vibrant colors.

    • Seenorway says:

      Thank you for that! 🙂 But – there is all too much I can no longer remember!
      And I used to have a memory like an elephant in my younger days! 🙂
      But – there is some hope: I still remember that I used to remember much more!
      And when I forget that as well – then I will be senile! 🙂

      • -Eugenia says:

        Well, you’re not alone. 😕

        • Seenorway says:

          I know that, but it doesn’t help me much! 🙂
          But recently I read an article that you could experience loss of memory due to pollution!
          Mainly metallic micro-particles in your brain tissues! It started with dogs that suddenly no longer recognized their owners.
          Their brain tissues were infected in exactly the same way!

          • -Eugenia says:

            Wow, that is very concerning!

            • Seenorway says:

              I’d say! Image all the people around the world living in close contact with heavy traffic. Like in the USA’s largest cities like New York, L.A., Washington D.C., Philadelpha, Baltimore and abroad Paris, London, Bangkok a.s.o. Not to mention China . . .
              Imagine what it will all be like in another 10-20 years?!

  7. utesmile says:

    we all get forgetful, so don’t worry. the pictures arw excellent and the flower os so beautiful with the deep colour.

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