The Experiment – 4

Gårsdagen har gått til å føre en dialog med WP om nytteverdien av å akseptere en automatisk fornyelse av ‘Premium’ på dette tidspukt all den tid det er ganske tydelig at man på sikt planlegger å fjerne ‘Old Classic Editor’ for godt?!  Spørsmålet er bare ‘når’?
Og endelig var det en som tok ansvar og som ga meg en bedre forståelse av hva
som var i vente!
Yesterday has been a dialogue with WP about the usefulness of accepting an automatic renewal of ‘Premium’ at this time when all the time it is quite clear that in the long run it is planned to remove ‘Old Classic Editor’ for good ?! The question is just ‘when’?
And finally, there was someone who took responsibility and who gave me a better understanding of what was waiting!

Gestern war ein Dialog mit WP über die Nützlichkeit der Annahme einer automatischen Erneuerung von ‘Premium’ zu diesem Zeitpunkt, wenn immer wieder klar ist, dass auf lange Sicht geplant ist, ‘Old Classic Editor’ endgültig zu entfernen ?! Die Frage ist nur “wann”?
Und schließlich gab es jemanden, der Verantwortung übernahm und mir ein besseres Verständnis dafür gab, was auf mich wartete!

Hier a eu un dialogue avec WP sur l’utilité d’accepter un renouvellement automatique de ‘Premium’ à ce moment où il est tout à fait clair qu’à long terme, il est prévu de supprimer ‘Old Classic Editor’ pour de bon ?! La question est juste «quand»?
Et enfin, il y a eu quelqu’un qui a pris ses responsabilités et qui m’a fait mieux comprendre ce qui m’attendait!

Ayer ha habido un diálogo con WP sobre la utilidad de aceptar una renovación automática de ‘Premium’ en este momento cuando todo el tiempo está bastante claro que a la larga se planea eliminar ‘Old Classic Editor’ para siempre?! La pregunta es simplemente “¿cuándo”?
¡Y finalmente, hubo alguien que asumió la responsabilidad y que me dio una mejor comprensión de lo que me esperaba!

(Compliments of SRB)
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15 Responses to The Experiment – 4

  1. Seenorway says:

    My experience exactly! I hate this new shit editor!

  2. -Eugenia says:

    I’ll never understand why WP folks thought the new editor would be widely accepted. Plus, they should have left the Classic editor as an option from the get-go, and its original form. I am waiting for the good news!!

    • Seenorway says:

      Well, good or bad – it probably also depends on the reader and the expectations, but in this case
      I regard any news as ‘good news’ as ‘not knowing’ tends to be unacceptable?

    • Vicki says:

      I assume you did know the classic editor is still available and easily accessible? (instead of clicking on NEW post (directly after WP Admin), you just click on ‘ALL POSTS…..’ and THEN click on the ‘new posT’ at the top of the screen and it will give you a drop-down showing both editors. Just one extra step at the current time. I always use the classic editor myself and will probably give up on WordPress altogether if they take away the Classic Editor.

      I’m surprised to find that most of us WP users seem to prefer the Classic Editor, so you and I are not the only ones.

      • Seenorway says:

        Hello Vicki,
        Yes, I know, but nevertheless I got in trouble when I wanted to insert an extra picture into an older post. I was immidately shunted to the Block Editor, and even if I succeeded in loading the picture to my library, there were no way to send it to the old post. Well, of cours, it probably was, but I never found it. Tried again by activating Classic Editor to no avail! I’m slowly getting real mad! (I have worked this blog for 8 full years without trouble of any kind!

  3. utesmile says:

    Please bring me good news… Can’t wait….

  4. Seenorway says:

    Some people need to prove themselves all the time. As an American you ought to know?! 🙂
    Personally, I have no hope of ever getting to terms with the New Block Editor! My old brain just won’t work with me on this project and what is worse: The WP-people are too young to understand!
    But I think I might soon be able to bring you some good news?!

  5. A few pages of my website are still in classic. I have made my peace with the new format, but I hope it doesn’t affect my classic pages. Why do they “mess with success?”

    • -Eugenia says:

      Cheryl, it could affect your classic pages if you edit them. You can view them without editing them. I am using the new editor but I had many old posts (classic editor) with missing images and when I tried to correct them, the posts errored out and I ended up trashing them. If you don’t have to edit them, leave them be.

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