Oslo – Walking the Streets

Det er jo dessverre høst og byen viser seg derfor ikke fra sin beste side, men – siden jeg skal igjennom et par øye-operasjoner, så er jeg ute i litt god tid. Følgelig blir det anledning til å rusle litt rundt i byen, til tross for at været dessverre ikke var det beste for fotografering.

It is unfortunately autumn and the city is therefore not showing itself from its best side, but – since I am going through a couple of eye surgeries these days, I am trying to have some time to spare! Consequently, there will have an opportunity to stroll around the city streets, despite the fact that the weather was definitely not the best for photography.

Som dere kan se, så er Oslo til vanlig en ganske ‘grønn by’ med mange trær også utenfor etablerte parker, men – i disse dager er det i hovedsak gult og orange som gjelder!  🙂

As you may see, Oslo is usually a rather green city with a lot of trees also outside of the established parks, but – these days it is mainly yellow and orange that rule the scene!

Manglen på parkerte biler skyldes at man i disse dager mener at en bil ikke har noe i en by å gjøre. Her skal man nå – uansett alder –  sykle eller gjøre bruk av elektriske sparksykler
som har fått et eget trafikkfelt markert med rødt, og til tross for at det for lengst har blitt lovlig å bruke sykkel, såvel som elektrisk sparkesykkel på fortauet. Så får vel forsikringsselskapene betale for de uhell som måtte oppstå?!

The lack of parked cars is due to the fact that these days it is believed that a car has nothing to do in a city. Here you must now – regardless of age – cycle or make use of electric scooters which has had its own traffic lane marked in red, and despite the fact that it has long been legal to use bicycles, as well as electric scooters on the sidewalk. Leaving the insurance companies to pay for the accidents that may occur ?!
Denne gaten heter ‘Pilestredet’, og som jeg sa: Ingen plasser for gateparkering!

This particular street is named ‘Pilestredet’, and like I just said: No room for street parking!
For at dere skal få et mest mulig korrekt inntrykk av byen, har jeg unnlatt å beskjære en del bilder i høyden. (Da må dere scrolle! 🙂  )

To give you all a true impression of Oslo, I have not cut away too much of the height in these pictures. (Then you may scroll a bit, OK ? )

Dette er et ganske flott bygg?  Og – det sto her den gang jeg var bare 10 år, men selvsagt har fasaden over årene som har gått blitt pusset opp!

This is a pretty fancy building? And what is more amazing: It was standing here – as
today – when I was a rather small boy, only 10 years of age! But, of course, it has been taken well care of over the years!
Scandic Hotel har et av sine mange hoteller her i en rolig sidegate til Pilestredet!

The Scandic Hotel has one of its many hotels here in a quiest side-street to the ‘Pilestredet’.
Hvis jeg husker riktig, så ser vi her inn i St. Olavsgt. som etter hvert ender opp nær Slottsparken som jo omgir Det Kgl. Slott og som idag huser Kong Harald V med sin dronning Sonja.

If my memory serves me correct, we are here looking into the street named St. Olavs Street, which will take you to the ‘Slottsparken’ surrounding the Royal Castle which today
is the home of the Norwegian king: His Majesty Harald V.  and his H.M.Queen Sonja.

(Compliments of SRB)
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13 Responses to Oslo – Walking the Streets

  1. Nice photo walk in Oslo. I also live here and actually like the fall here because of the fast changes in colors. There’s a moment in which I get tired of the darkness but that is at the end of December for me. 🙂

    • Seenorway says:

      Hi, Adriana
      Yes, there are no colors to speak of at the end of December, however, we do have Christmas and New Year’s eve to make up for it, right? and when the winter takes hold, then there will be a lot of fancy motives to shoot!

  2. Thank you for this trip to Oslo 🙂

  3. Seenorway says:

    Nothing lasts forever! 🙂 It never did!

  4. -Eugenia says:

    Thank you for the tour of your charming city, Oslo. Cities are always changing and not always for the better.

  5. utesmile says:

    I saw many of those scooters in Oslo, rather nice and really not so many cars. I had a try on one too. You have space in Oslo though for the scooters, here in London it is far too cramped in town for it.

    • Seenorway says:

      Well now, Ute, if you do away with 90% of the cars, I feel confident you may fit in a couple of thousand such electric scooters? The problem is that there are people living in this city that has been living here since birth. Today they are old and need a car to get around, only there is nowhere to drive – nor park, it is becoming increasingly hard for elderly people to remain living in Oslo! I’m born in Oslo when today’s politicians were not even born, and I hardly recognize my old city! And there is no way you can live by serving Irish coffee
      on the footwalk!

      • utesmile says:

        Svein, you are very right. Cities change fast though. I can see London now very different to the London I came to 30 years ago. Cities are not for retiring, I will move away soon too, to retire somewhere smaller and more village like.

        • Seenorway says:

          Be really careful with your choice! The UK is closing down completely until Dec. 2nd, and I’m in doubt as to if they succeed in their plans of opening back up on that date!
          And that is only half the problem! They seem to have forgotten all about something called BREXIT scheduled for Dec. 31st?! Then there is the North-Ireland-problem!
          Whatever you do, don’t move in that direction! 🙂 I think it is going to be a very ‘warm’ winter for Boris!

  6. Thank you for the interesting and beautiful tour of Oslo. Best wishes for good outcomes on your eye surgeries. I will be having eye surgeries in a few years!

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