The Round Trip

Alderen begynner å kreve sitt – dessverre – men familien viser forståelse og gjøre alt for at jeg fortsatt skal kunne nyte livet slik jeg pleier. Et av tiltakene har vært et par carbon
skistaver for å støtte opp under en noe redusert balanse. Og – på Ustaoset er det god plass
til utprøving av denslags utstyr. Og forbausende nok viste det seg å være en ganske så god hjelp – særlig i terrenget! Dermed kunne jeg trøstig begi meg ut på de første småturene på egen hånd!
Age is starting to take its toll – unfortunately – but the family is showing understanding and doing everything so that I can still enjoy life like I usually do.
One of the measures has been a couple of carbon ski poles to support under a somewhat reduced balance. And – at Ustaoset there is plenty of space for testing such equipment. And surprisingly, it turned out to be a pretty good help – especially in the terrain! Thus, I could comfortably embark on the first small trips on my own!

Bare en liten prøverunde nå i første forsøk!
Only a small test-run now first time around!
Så denne gang holdt jeg meg i en begrenset avstand fra hytta! Naturen er jo like vakker nesten uansett hvor man er?

So this time I was keeping a somewhat limited distance from the cabin. Nature holds the same beauty regardless of where you go in these parts?
Og det gror langt mer av ville vekster enn hva man kanskje skulle tro!
And one may find a lot more wild-flowers growing around than expected!
Dypt nede under oss ser vi Ustevatn som strekker seg nesten fra Geilo og helt opp til Haugastøl!

Deep down we may enjoy Lake Ustevatn which stretches almost the entire distance from
Geilo and all the way up to the station named Haugastoel.

Og dermed var jeg trygt tilbake med mine skistaver etter å ha tilbakelagt ca 2 km!
Ikke  så mye, men  absolutt nok for en første runde i min alder. Nå vet jeg at de gir meg ekstra trygghet og at jeg kan dra på lengre turer!

And then I was safely back where I started with my ski pools after having put approximately 2 km behind me. No, not much, but enough for a first trip at my age.
And now I know they will support my weight and give me extra support and the safety
I’ll be needing for longer trips.

(Compliments of SRB)
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12 Responses to The Round Trip

  1. What is it they say… every journey starts with just one step. I to am finding it so much tougher to tackle everything from shopping, gardening to my daily walks with Buster. I have tried to keep fit but the body (and mind) try equally hard to battle against me. As long as we can get out and enjoy the countryside there is hope. Thanks for the tour…looks great countryside and great views. 😃

  2. Vicki says:

    Wonderful photos. Such a beautiful party of the country you were staying in.

    Good to hear the ski poles are serving you well. Just take care and don’t attempt to walk too fast in case a pole goes into a hidden hole and puts you off balance.

    I can only go out in my urban setting with my shopping trolley to carry all my gear nowadays, although I have used my Mother’s old walking stick a few times. I can’t carry hardly any weight with both my spinal and right hip osteoarthritis now. I might add when my Mother was still alive, it took her ages to swallow her pride and use a walking stick and then later, a disability walker. She thought it made her look old.

    • Seenorway says:

      Good morning, Vicki – and thank you for cheering me up! Making her look old, you say?!
      She was old, wasn’t she? A truthful look on life then, perhaps! 🙂 But we also fight the mental issues that cannot be seen! Although a bit problematic at times, it’s also an interesting journey into ‘nothingness’ 🙂 ‘Places’ where one has never been before! 🙂

      • Vicki says:

        It was something like 1993 so my Mother must have been 70 and having trouble walking and also falling over. I begged her to get a walking stick, but it took here several years. Now I am the same and have needed something to balance since age 64, but then I have had 2 lower spine surgeries and have nerve damage in both legs (slight albeit, but I do have to be careful on uneven ground).

        • Seenorway says:

          We are all different, Vicki. Often dependant on the lives we have lived or what have happened to us. I have been in luck, you could say, and have never been using a stick in my life before now – and then only walking in terrain where I cannot see all details where
          I go (And I’m 83!) But I do feel that I’m slowly getting somewhat closer to that door down the road somewhere . . . 🙂 (Don’t we all? )

  3. -Eugenia says:

    The terrain, though beautiful, looks fairly uneven so I’m glad you are using the ski poles. I wear transitional glasses and understand how they can throw you off. Plus, I have one good eye, due to my cataract surgery, and my other eye that’s not so good. I don’t know if and when I’ll have it operated on so I’m very careful of levels.

    Your photos are awesome and I especially like the one with the wildflowers.

  4. utesmile says:

    It is good that the ski poles help and you can then enjoy the walk in your beautiful country. The pictures look great and so inviting for walks.

  5. Gorgeous photos, Seenorway! I especially like the wildflowers. I have seen several people using ski poles when they walk quite effectively. May they help you get to all the places you want to go! Cheryl

    • Seenorway says:

      Hi Cheryl,
      Yes, I think they will! My main problem is using progressive glasses and depending on where I look, it’s easy to give the brain the wrong information. In such cases, the poles
      will be an asset to me! Feeling safer when I walk alone!

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