The Blue Hour

‘Den Blå timen’ er gjerne regnet fra solnedgang, dvs fra det tidspunkt solen synker under horisonten  og deretter de neste 60 minuttene . . .
Da blir det liksom et skifte da solstråler avtar og nattemørket langsomt tar over, og i denne perioden kan man oppdage de utroligste ting som skyfenomen som perlemorsskyer eller skyer som på uforklarlig vis plutselig blir røde på østhimmelen, eller at deler av himmelen
plutselig fremstår med subtile innslag av lilla . . .
Og forrige kveld var et godt eksempel på en slik aften! Her får dere noen smakebiter av hva
jeg satt og så på . . .
‘The Blue Hour’ is usually calculated from sunset, that is, from the time the sun drops beneath the horizon and the next 60 minutes thereafter. . .
Then there will be a shift as the sun rays diminish and the darkness of night slowly takes over, and during this period one may discover the most incredible things like cloud phenomenas such as mother-of-pearl clouds or clouds that inexplicably suddenly turn red in the eastern sky, or that parts of the sky suddenly appears with subtle hints of purple. . .
And last night was a good example of such an evening! Here you get some taste-bits of what I was watching . .

Compliments of SRB)
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9 Responses to The Blue Hour

  1. Annemor Schønhaug says:


  2. Seenorway says:

    I’ll see what can be done, however my second in command is down with the corona, so it would possibly take a while. . .

    • -Eugenia says:

      What a gorgeous photo. The colors are amazing and I love the hints of purple.

      I am assuming you are referring to your wife that has the corona? If so, I wish her a speedy recovery.

      • Seenorway says:

        Not in the least, Eugenia! So far we are both OK, but – it may change in a minute these days. My first line of defense is to visit my grocery store very early in the morning (Just as they open up) My thought is that if you are infected, you will most likely NOT be the first out of bed in the morning? So I belive I’m pretty safe in the wee hours of morning!
        I observe that US will reach 800 000 infected sometime today? But what is valid here, ought to be valid where you live as well? Please stay safe!

        • -Eugenia says:

          The US passed 800,000. The grocery stores here let only a few in at a time. Actually they prefer customers order their groceries online and either pick them up or have them delivered. Also, the early hours are reserved for seniors.

          We’re home, and safe thus far. I’m glad to know you and yours are well.

  3. utesmile says:

    That is a lovely blue! We got blue sky with sunshine, that I like too! 🙂 ☼

  4. We are currently enjoying rich blue skies, and thanks to the shut down only a rare vapour trail…. But could you stop sending these cold winds down to us 😊

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