Veitastrond *

Det ser ut som gårsdagens re-blogg ble godt mottatt og jeg har funnet en annen foto-reportasje som jeg tror dere vil sette pris på? Også den opprinnelig publisert i slutten av 2012!  Som dere ser er overskriften markert med en liten ‘stjerne’?
Det betyr at denne reportasjen er av de best besøkte på min blogg og det tilskriver jeg selve naturen som vises vi 48 ‘full-format’-bilder!
Men selv om denne reportasjen har vært godt besøkt, så er den altså publisert for hele 7 år siden og store deler av mine ‘følgere’ har etter hvert fornyet seg!
Og om noen vil benytte anledingen til å bli med på tur en gang til, så er dere hjertelig velkommen!

It looks to me like yesterdays re-blog has been rather well accepted, and therefore I have found you another one which I think you will appreciate? This report as well was first time published  late 2012. You may observe that my caption has been marked with a small ‘star’? This indicate that this particular photo report has been one of the most popular reports at my blog; something I think is due to the 48 ‘full-screen’-pictures presenting this nature trip!
But even if this photo report have had a ‘vistor-score’ much higher than the average, it is a total of 7 years ago and large parts of my ‘followers’ have changed!
And if there are someone out there that would like to tag along once more, please be my guest!

See Norway - Se Norge

Veitastrond er i utgangspunktet en “jordbruksbygd” med bare 123 innbyggere der den ligger klemt inn blant fjellene og med Jostedalsbreen Nasjonalpark til tre sider. Da skjønner dere sikkert at på denne turen blir det en del naturbilder?

Veitastrond is a very small and isolated agricultural settlement with a population of only 123 people, sandwiched in between the mountains and the ‘Jostedalen National Park on tree sides. Then you will understand that on this particular trip there will be a number of pictures from Norwegian nature?

I tillegg kan man vel advare og si at Veitastrond er en av Norges mest avsondrede bygder. Og til tross for at den 30 km lange veien inn er nyasfaltert, så er den smal. Til dels veldig smal! Og den er ikke ufarlig å trafikkere fordi den går gjennom stupbratt terreng.

Jeg begynner vår reise like utenfor Hafslobygda, et sted som heter Straumene. Her gikk det…

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'See Norway' vil i fremtid befatte seg med å vise bildereportasjer fra byer, kommuner og tettsteder rundt i Norge. 'See Norway' will take pride in showing you picture reports from communities and settlements throughout Norway. Contact:
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4 Responses to Veitastrond *

  1. Dina says:

    Always good to have a second look, this roads are very special indeed!

    Happy Holidays and all the best for for 2020 to you and yours.🧚🏻‍♀️🤶🏻🎄🎅🏻🧚🏻‍♀️
    Warm greetings from the wetcoast of North Norfolk 🌊
    The Fab Four of Cley 😊😊😊😊

    • Seenorway says:

      Thank you, Dina and the very same to you and the family!
      Good to hear from you again! I had nearly lifted you from my mailing list as I haven’t heard nor seen anything from your profile for the last 3 months (with one exception 🙂 )!
      Do you think it’s going to be a happy new year? (I don’t much like the way our world is going for the time being? There is much room for improvements all around!

  2. -Eugenia says:

    Well-worth another gander! Every time I look at these photos, I see something I missed. Beautiful scenery and I enjoyed reading about the events that took place such as the avalanche. It seems one would have to be pretty tough to brave the weather there.

    • Seenorway says:

      This is a settlement that often loose their connection with the surrounding areas and where helicopters frequently are the only means of transportation or – if one is willing to risk it – a snow scooter!

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