Dette innlegget er tidligere publisert engang i 2012, men siden mange ‘følgere’ og andre besøkende har kommet til siden da, og kanskje særlig siden dagens bloggere i liten grad tar seg tid å surfe i arkiver eller følge oppgitte linker, så har jeg vært inne på tanken å gjenoppvekke noen gamle minner sånn av og til. Her er altså det først valgte innlegget fra 2012! Kos dere!

This post has previously been published some time back in 2012, but since many new ‘followers’ as well as visitors have found their way over the later years. Perhaps especially since most of todays ‘followers’, as well as random visitors, seem to have a reluctance for browsing archives or following through on presented links, I have chosen to re-publish selected posts from earlier years. Here is the first selection from 2012. Please enjoy!

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Tettstedet Aurdal ligger i Nord Aurdal kommune noen kilometer syd for Leira og Fagernes og dermed i Oppland fylke.

The settlement Aurdal is located in the community of North Aurdal, a few miles south of Leira and  the city of Fagernes, thus belonging to the county of Oppland.
Pictures 404I hele Nord-Aurdal komune bor det litt over 6400 personer og de deler et totalt areal på 906,5 kvadratkilometer. De har med andre ord ganske god plass 🙂  men langt de fleste bor i selve Fagernes. Hvor mange som bor i selve Aurdal er noe mer usikkert.

In the community of North Aurdal the total population is slightly above 6400 people whom share an area of 906,5  In other words they have lot of room to their disposal.
Most of the population live in the city of Fagernes. How many that relate to Aurdal itself is somewhat more doubtful.

Hovedveien passerer…

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8 Responses to Aurdal

  1. Dina says:

    Lovely! I fondly remember a pair of Aurdal shoes I once had. Long time ago … 🙂

    • Seenorway says:

      The most popular shoe in Norway through the 70thies: Just to step into!
      By the way, I should congratulate you! You just made my ‘Yellow Team with ‘1 star’, which indicate that you have left me with a total of 200 responses since registry! Thank you!

  2. Always good to revisit 🙂

    • Seenorway says:

      Well, nothing much but time have stopped you?! I realize that finding something in my (or other) archives stretching 7 years back in time is a nearly impossible task, but this is why I years back started to build my ‘private’ INDEX. If you know a little about the geographic location of Norwegian counties, you may find just about anything in no time at all!

  3. Seenorway says:

    Ja, du er jo en av dem som har vært her leeenge?! 🙂 Men – jeg har jo publisert minst et dusin reportasjer fra dette området, så det er lett å ‘blande litt’ 😉
    Har du gjort deg noen erfaringer med din nye telefon da?

  4. Vicki says:

    You’re right. New followers rarely look at the archives, just follow on the sighting/reading of just one post.

    Whereas, in general, I always look back at a new follower’s own blog and read several of his archives just to get an idea of whether I might be interested in following his/her blog’s subject matter.

    If I happen to see an interesting blog via surfing the net, I also read several old posts in the archives to get a general feel for their content and the way they present their words/photos. After all, sometimes you see a wonderful photo, but don’t necessarily enjoy the rest of the blogger’s style or subject matter. I don’t have very good vision, so like lots of photos and not too much writing (or too long a paragraph).

    Loved the series of images from your archives. What wonderful scenery……and beautifully presented.

    • Seenorway says:

      Thank you, Vicki!
      To read a text or not is , of course, quite voluntary, however, it is there for a reason:
      To give supportive and/or additional information to picures published. Much the same way as links to wikipedia giving additional information in languages which I don’t speak/write.
      Yes, I also do visit the ‘home’ of new ‘followers’ for the same reasons as you have, but also I’m trying to understand why this person would want to follow my blog, or if the ‘hidden agenda’ is mainly ‘promoting his/her own blog through mine?
      I’m through having thousands of ‘followers’ that are not really there, so if I cannot register their responses on a frequent basis, (if they are there for the wrong reasons) they will be removed.

  5. Annemor Schønhaug says:

    Husker det

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