The valley ‘Moerekvamsdal’

Jeg fulgte Grøndalsveien innover i terrenget og oppdaget plutselig en liten naturperle jeg ville vise dere. Dermed måtte jeg finne en parkeringsmulighet og rusle tilbake med kameraet . . .
I was following the Groendalen Rd into the valley when I suddenly discovered a ‘pearl’ in our nature which I just had to share, so – after having found an ample parking spot, I had to stroll back with my camera!
Vannet i elven var glassklart, men var dyp nok til at det antagelig ville ha vært en kald fornøyelse å ta et bad?

The water in the river was glassy clear, but the river was so deep that it would probably have been a cold experience to take a dive?
På dette tidspunkt tok Grøndalsveien rett og slett slutt! Bak en plakat skiftet veien navn til
Mørekvamsdalsveien og ble dessuten ‘bomvei’!  Og det var en relativt smal bomvei, så uten å kjenne forholdene nærmere, valgte jeg å parkere og ta beina fatt . . .

At this time it seemed we had reached the end of Groendal Rd.? A board  informed us that
the road now changed its name to ‘Moerekvam Rd. and became a ‘toll road’! A road that was not maintained in any kind of bad weather, nor later than 8.00 p.m.! So without knowing much about the road standard, nor the options for  a ‘turn-around’, I chose to park and start walking . . .
Når man går isteden for å kjøre, så kommer man i bedre kontakt med naturen rundt –
When walking instead of driving, it became easier to get in contact with nature –
Men, – så rundt en liten sving fikk jeg anledning til å ta et panorama-skudd innover i dalen. Den fantastiske fjellkjeden vi ser her består egentlig av flere topper som varierer i høyder fra 1416 -1577 meter!

But – just around the next bend I got a chance to shoot a panorama of this new magnificant valley (The Moerekvam Valley), The mountain range in front of you consist of a number of separate peaks ranging from 4700 – 5200 feet!
Men nå skal vi snu for – jeg har faktisk noe annet jeg også vil vise dere!
But – now we are turning around because I’ve got something else to show you . . .

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7 Responses to The valley ‘Moerekvamsdal’

  1. -Eugenia says:

    Reblogged this on BrewNSpew and commented:
    See Norway without being there through these fabulous photos!

  2. -Eugenia says:

    Oh, these photos are fabulous! Gas is $8.00 a gal – whoa!

  3. Per Morten Reigstad says:

    Well, we hope then that we who have contributed pictures to SN will still deliver some pictures of Fjord, waterfalls and mountains? Also for a few more years?

  4. utesmile says:

    Svein, what a great drive/walk….. so lovely that we can come with you to these wonderful places. Wonder what is next!

    • Seenorway says:

      Nearly nothing, I’m afraid! In Norway gasoline now sell for $ 2,- pr litre which makes for
      $8,- gallon! Toll roads are popping up just about everywhere – especially around cities,
      They in turn do not use the revenue for roads or gasoline or power-stations, but are subsidising collective transport like trains, subways and busses.
      My recent trip to the Grimsdalen Valley alone cost me £ 80 just driving on toll roads. Gasoline came extra! And since I don’t get a dime for my work, I have decided to terminate all long hauls forever! I can use my pension somewhat differently, but – that said – there are still a bunch of pictures from my last trip that I have not shared, and – they’ll be coming over the next few days, but after that – mostly sunsets and macro shot’s I’m afraid!

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