Time for Lilies again!

Jeg har antagelig tatt bilde av disse liljene tidligere år også, men ettersom vi har kunnet dokumentere at 95% av dagens bloggere aldri kaster bort tid på å lete i gamle arkiver, så er dessverre dagens blogger blitt en utpreget ‘ferskvare’? Og det er litt synd, for etter å ha blogget siden 2004 på forskjellige plattformer og under de forskjelligeste forhold, så har det samlet seg nesten 8000 bilder bare på min blogg som nesten bare ‘støver ned’, og antagelig er det slik på 90% av alle de andre bloggene rundt oss?
Hva ligger det ikke der – helt gratis – av visdomsord, lyrikk og bilder ikke minst?
Og – etter hvert som de eldste av oss rett og slett forsvinner fordi vi for lengst har fallt for aldersgrensen; tenk hva som egentlig går tapt av bildemateriell og samtids-historikk?
Hvordan kan vi ta vare på disse verdiene?
I øyeblikket ser jeg bare èn metode: Re-blogging!  Det krever at det er gjensidig interesse for saken, men verdifulle bilder og annet stoff ville automatisk bli overført til enda en – og nyere – blogg ? Men det forutsetter antagelig at den originale bloggen ikke slettes, men blir liggende? En blog som ikke driftes aktivt vil fort gå inn i glemselen, men ved en aktiv re-blogging rundt på portalen, så vil man fortsatt kunne finne artig og verdifullt materiale!
Bare et tips fra en som har vært her lenge, men som synes han skimter ‘endestasjonen’ et sted der fremme . . .
I have most likely shot pictures from these lilies in earlier years, but – as we have been able to document time and time again:
At least 95% of todays bloggers  don’t much waist time browsing through old archives! That’s a fact! And this means that a modern blog of 2019 must be regarded solely as a ‘fresh product’: Read today, and forgotten tomorrow!  Which I think is a bit unfortunate?

Having blogged extensively on a number of different platforms since 2004 have resulted in nearly 8000 ‘full screen’ pictures being saved on my blog alone! And layers of dust are starting to settle! 🙂  I expect that the situations are no different on most blogs around?
What couldn’t be found in such archives if we took the time to dig? Wise words, lyrics, songs and , of course, hundreds of thousands of pictures from all over the world?!

And as the older people among us suddenly disappear for good, so does the blog with its content! Well, it might remain there, but a blog thet isn’t worked on a daily basis will very soon be forgotten.
So – how can we save these riches that we have all gathered over years and years?
The only solution that might work – at least for some time: Re-blogging!
Provided a blog is NOT terminated, and the content might be seen through younger blogs having re-blogged such posts?! It might also help boost the traffic volumes on such new blogs? Provided there is a common interest in working it this way?
An old blog that are not being worked actively on a daily basis will very soon be forgotten!
Believe me! I’ve tested it out!
But by activ re-blogging we might give ‘life support’ to a lot of important, funny, og valueable material from all corners of our world?!
And – this is just a hint from an old guy who have been her for a looong time and who thinks he may see something looking like a terminal station down the line. . .? 🙂

Compliments of SRB)
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About Seenorway

'See Norway' vil i fremtid befatte seg med å vise bildereportasjer fra byer, kommuner og tettsteder rundt i Norge. 'See Norway' will take pride in showing you picture reports from communities and settlements throughout Norway. Contact: post@roby.no
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7 Responses to Time for Lilies again!

  1. allysoally says:

    Sadly there is just not enough time in the day to do justice to all the lovely bloggers out there.
    Don’t despair, it’s all documented in the “akashic records” and will one day be read by otherworldly beings!

  2. -Eugenia says:

    Nature’s beauty, at its finest, Svein! Reblogging is a great idea! I do it quite frequently. It’s an excellent way to help other bloggers. I have also revamped and brought some of my own posts back to life.

    • Seenorway says:

      Yes, but the problem is that your blog is the very same where it was first posted. And you have become too old to carry one! That’s the situation I’m outlining here.
      But as long at the blog remain published, it’s possible to re-blog, thus carrying the advertising over to ever new and younger blogs which may be active over the next 10 years, That way contence, articles, reports, pictures and everything else may live on – even if we are not!

      • -Eugenia says:

        Well, my blog is just my stuff but your blog is relevant to Norway and has elements of history in you narrative and photos. It could be worth the time to find someone to carry in on.

        • Seenorway says:

          Aw, that’s a tough one! It’s my hobby! And it gives me a reason to keep trying . . .
          And if the right person appears, there’s no guarantees what-so-ever that he/she will be ‘the right person’ in a year from now?! A blog like mine is nearly a full time job if one wants to work it properly and it takes a lot of stamina . . .

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