No Canola !

Nei, det er ikke noen rapsåker denne gang. Fargen er heller ikke så gul! Egentlig burde denne åkeren ha vært hvit for her er det erter som råder grunnen. Men en gyllen aftensol gjør sitt til å forvrenge fargene i bildet. Jeg synes likevel det ble en fin kveldsstemning? Bildet er tatt 21-tiden om kvelden!
No, it’s not a canola field this time. Please observe thet the color isn’t that yellow! Actually this field ought to have given you an impression of ‘white’ as this field is sown with peas this year. However, a low golden sun create kind of a yellowish glow across the field.
And I felt it created a nice ‘summer evening atmosphere’ – enough to share!

Compliments of SRB)
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6 Responses to No Canola !

  1. -Eugenia says:

    Stunning shot of beautiful scenery. I love the contrasting shades of green.

    • Seenorway says:

      Yes, they’re kind of special! The whold field is sown with peas, but the shades are still a bit different depending on the amount of rays from the sun coming through. And somethin very unique happened when I shot this frame: Suddenly a text appeared on my screen:
      ‘Shooting green fields’! Nothing I did except shooting the frame, but the camera was said to have an artificial intelligence, only it needed some tim to get to know me and what kind of motives I would be choosing, And now it seems it has got to know me a bit better? So what will the future hold? This is a bit exiting! Yesterday a button suddenly appered on my screen: ‘Master all’!? Something I’d be able to activate if nothing else works?
      I’m starting to get a bit happy with this camera from Leica and Huawei!!!

      • -Eugenia says:

        That is exciting and makes it all that more rewarding for you!

        • Seenorway says:

          It definitely does, yes! Yesterday I was trying to shoot a green field, but about 10.30 pm and rather dark, but by wiggeling the camera up and down a couple of times, someone suddenly switched the light on, I tell you! Mey be I should publish both? But that would be marketing Huawei which for the time being seems to ‘business non grata’? 🙂
          They’re OK with me, I tell you!

  2. Seenorway says:

    Idag har vi 30 grader i skyggen, og i morgen skal det visst bli enda bitte litte grann varmere!
    Men så snur det. Hele søndagen skal det regne, så da må vel det bety at dere får regn på lørdag?
    Bare forsyn dere! 🙂

  3. Dina says:

    Sommeren er fin og lyset er herlig. 🙏🏻
    God helg til deg fra oss i Norfolk!

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