Viola Tricolor

Idag har jeg lyst til å presentere den vesle blomsten vi i Norge kaller ‘Natt og dag’ og som vokser omtrent overalt i Norge: I stein-bed, i grøftekanter, i grus og sand- ja, der ingen  andre blomster greier seg,- der vokser ‘natt-og-dag’ i store mengder!
Selve blomsten er (som de fleste vet) bare ca 8-10 mm høy, mens planten i seg selv kan oppnå en høyde på 12-20 cm. Studerer man blomsten nøye (som her), så er den som så mange andre et lite underverk konstruert for å lokke til seg insekter for bestøvning.
Jeg beskriver planten selv om de fleste kjenner den fra før, fordi denne bloggen leses over hele verden og – det kan hende at denne planten er ukjent i andre deler av verden?
Jeg aner ikke, men muligheten er tilstede?!
Today I feel like presenting you for a flower most of us know very well: The Viola Tricolor
(In Norway also named ‘Night n’ Day’), and growing just about anywhere and everywhere!
In gardens, along the roadsides, in sand or gravel, where no other plants seem to be able to survive, there you’ll find the viola tricolor in abundance!
The flower itself is barely 8-10 mm high, however, the plant may be 10-20 cm high!
And if you study the flower in detail, you’ll find it to be a small marvel constructed to trap insects into pollination!
I tell you this (as if you didn’t know?) because this blog is read all over the world, thus there might be places where this plant is still unknown! (I don’t know, but it might?!)

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4 Responses to Viola Tricolor

  1. -Eugenia says:

    Sometimes called the wild pansy in North America and apparently, there are several other names such as Johnny Jump up. Supposedly, it has medicinal properties. Great shot! You captured the color and detail perfectly.

    • Seenorway says:

      Yeah, I know it’s called a ‘pansy’ in parts of the world, but so does the larger species, does it not? And as you point out, the more popular a flower becomes, the more different names!

  2. utesmile says:

    this flower looks always like it is smiling at us. I love it!

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