Please meet Cerastium Fontanum

Nja, på norsk heter hun noe så enkelt som ‘Arve’, – latinsk navn: Cerastium Fontanum,
men familien er stor og utbredelsen
like så. De fleste har nok møtt henne opptil flere ganger, men skritter bare over uten å kaste et blikk på det som egentlig er en liten skjønnhet i all sin enkelthet? Du må bare ned på kne, bøye deg over og bruke noen minutter på å studere dette lille skaperverket!
Well, in Norwegian her name is a simple one: ‘Arve’, however her latin name is:
‘Cerastium Fontanum’. She’s got a rather large family and you may find her just about anywhere, but – she’s a tiny ‘girl’ with a rather large family and – you might find them just about anywhere. I’m sure most of you have seen her (or her relatives) many times, but due to size (only approximately 6-7 mm across) it’s very easy just to walk on by?
You just have to get down on you knees, lean a bit forward and take a couple of minutes to study this marvel of a creation?!

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18 Responses to Please meet Cerastium Fontanum

  1. I don’t know this beautiful flower, thank you for the picture

    • Seenorway says:

      It may perhaps be too hot in Italy, but then you do have mountain regions? It would prefer not too strong sun and temparatures in the range of plus 5 to 20 degrees and prefer a bit of shade to direct sunlight! But tiny and very easy to overlook!

  2. utesmile says:

    Absolutely super! Beautiful plant and beautiful picture!

  3. puzzleblume says:

    Lovely picture of this tiny little white star in the green.

    • Seenorway says:

      Yes, I like it too, but to think I actually ignored this flower through most of my life – probably because I didn’t have the ability nor the means to shoot pictures in macro!

      • puzzleblume says:

        I agree: to me the really small things also became more present with the macro photography.

        • Seenorway says:

          That’s natural! Of course, you won’t remember things that you have not ever seen?!
          On the other hand: When you discover a natural marvel that you had no idea existed, you’re liable to remember it for a looong time!
          And – because you also discovered ‘an open door to macro photography’, you’ll be looking for new things that you have previously never seen. The drive to explore, see and understand! Stay with it!

  4. inhiscare753 says:

    This beautifully penned, such a lovely flower.

  5. -Eugenia says:

    Oh, how pretty and delicate! I am not familiar with this flower, perhaps as you said so tiny it’s easy to just walk on by.

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