Meet Mr Greenshield

Jeg synes det er artig å teste ut telefonens nye funksjon: ‘Super-macro’, så når en livsfrisk utgave av arten ‘Bærfis’ landet på terrassen. så var heldigvis ikke kameraet langt unna. Og siden han var ekstremt samarbeidsvillig og ikke på noen måte lot seg skremme av en ‘akutt solformørkelse’, så fikk jeg anledning til å ta et skikkelig portrett!
Bærfisen – eller ‘Grønn stink-tege’, som vel er det helt korrekte navnet, skifter farge flere ganger gjennom sesongen og den friske grønnfargen indikerer at han fortsatt har ‘vårdrakten’ på. Føler den seg truet, så kan den utskille et sekret som lukter svært vondt. Og finner du et bær i hagen som lukter rart og som dessuten ikke smaker særlig godt, så er det antagelig denne karen som har foretatt en liten ‘prøveboring’!
‘Grønn stink-tege’ er forøvrig et ganske vanlig dyr over store dfeler av Europa!
I think it’s fun to experiment with the different functions in my new phone. Today I got an extra chance to test my ‘super-macro’ when a ‘green shield bug’ chose to land on my terrace! He was even very co-operative and didn’t scare by and instant sun eclipse which gave me an opportunity to shoot a really great portrait!
The Green Shield bug changes its color several times during a season, getting darker and a bit more olive like as the time goes by. This specimen with its bright green color would indicate that he’s still wearing his spring color?
If it in any way feels threatened, it will eject a bad smelling secrete and if you come across a fruit like a strawberry  or else that tastes bad and smell even worse, the chances are that Mr Greenshield has beaten you to it and performed a test drilling . . .
The relatives of Mr Greenshield are living all over most of Europa (and probably a few more places as well) 🙂

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8 Responses to Meet Mr Greenshield

  1. utesmile says:

    What a great insect. Nicely camouflaged in the greenery! Super Shot!

  2. I bet you can also remember Green Shield Stamps ! 🙂

    • Seenorway says:

      I read about them, yes, but even we had a similar thing going here just after the war, it was never called by the name ‘stamp’ even if it was in some ways!
      But things changed and I thing they disappeared all together in Norway about mid 1947?

  3. -Eugenia says:

    We have some of Mr. Greenfield’s relatives that like to visit our balcony. They like the heat and turn up in the most unusual places. We call them stink bugs. Speaking of bugs, we have an amazing spectacle of fireflies every evening now. They just started to appear last week and we love to sit on our balcony and watch them.

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