The End Game

Endelig hadde snøen sluppet taket og en forbausende mild April hadde fått busker, trær og blomster til å spire. Og for riktig å følge opp, bega undertegnede seg til nærmeste plantesenter hvor jeg investerte i 5 store blomsterpotter med fantastiske knall røde sommerblomster. Nå var det på tide å pynte litt opp i omgivelsene!
Og ikke før hadde jeg fått blomstene på plass i hagen, så meddelte værvarslerne om en lavtrykk fra Sverige som ville kunne gi oss minus-temperaturer gjennom natten. Riktignok bare minus 1 grad, men likevel . . .
Mine blomster ble raskt hentet innendørs og tilbragte de neste 3 dagene i karantene på et oppvarmet rom! Her var det ikke snakk om å ta sjanser!
Og endelig – etter tre dager med iskalde vinder så meldte værtjenesten at fra i morgen så ville vi få tilbake et mer normalt Mai-vær med 7-8 varmegrader.
Følgelig ble blomstene hentet ut fra sitt ufrivillige fengsel og plassert i hagen. Kom Mai du skjønne milde . . .
Min overaskelse neste morgen kan ikke måles!  Dette er synet som møtte meg! Og engentlig var det enda mye verre, for blomstene døde på post –  på terrassen og farget store deler av den knall rød! Natten hadde passert, men med minus 3 grader så var det ikke mye som overlevde natten!
At long last the snow had let go of its grip and a suprisingly mild April had made trees, bushes and flowers wake to life! And in order to follow through, I made my way to the nearest garden center where I invested in a solid number of plants with bright red flowers really to really decorate our garden! But- no sooner had I put these flowers in their positions, the weather service alerted us to a strong low coming in from Sweden, and they warned us of icy cold winds and possible night temperatures around 1 degree below zero!
I didn’t much like the odds, so hastily a brought all my plants in safety to a warm room inside! And there they stayed cooped up for 3 days before the weather service suddenly informed us that ‘tomorrow would be a normal May day with sun and temperatures around 7-8 degress C plus! Enough is enough, and I forthwith brought my plants back out
into nature and went to bed! Come May with warm sunny days . . .!
My surprise on the next morning may not be measured! This is nearly the ssight that met me opening the door. Actually it was even worse, because the flowers had been placed on to the terrace itself where they all died in their pots leaking their intense red colors all over the terrace floor! The night had passed, but the temperatures had been approximately 3
degrees C below zero! And that’s not a summer temperature!

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12 Responses to The End Game

  1. Missy's Crafty Mess says:

    Well that’s a disappointing end to those beautiful flowers. Hopefully spring comes soon. Good to catch up with your blog post again.

  2. Jorunn says:

    Det skjedde med blomster vi har satt på gravstedene også 😦 Satser på at vi kan plante noe den 16. så det ser ok ut på 17. mai 🇳🇴

  3. Even though its now mid-May I would fear planting out summer plants. The vacillations in weather are still to dramatic. Toady they forecast 22c but tonight 0c possible minus. Outlook, day time temperatures to rise but night time static.

  4. -Eugenia says:

    We just can’t trust the weather, can we?

  5. Seenorway says:

    I should probably have known better, but my optimism got the better of me! 🙂

  6. utesmile says:

    Oh poor things, it was too cold for them…. I can imagine that they looked really pretty! Can’t trust this weather!

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