Low Cloud Formations

Her forleden hadde vi litt uvanlige værforhold og midt under en vakker solnedgang så fikk vi plutselig haglbuger og iskalde vinder. Selve solnedgangen har jeg jo allerede vist dere, men jeg tror vel også at dere vil utvise interesse for disse skyformasjonene? Jeg har i alle fall bearbeidet noen av de siste bildene fra den kvelden.

The other day we had som peculiar weather conditions, and just in the midst of a beautiful sunset, we suddenly experienced a hail storm with icy cold winds passing overhead!
The sunset itself, I have already presented to you, however, Ishould think that you might also be interested to have a look at these  low hanging cloud formations?
Anyway I have processed a number of those pictures as well, and here they are:
Og når fargene etter hvert kan være litt forskjellige, så betyr det bare at eksponeringstidspunkt og skyenes posisjon i forhold til den pågående solnedgang kan være litt forskjellig.

And when colors seemingly are a bit different regarding these pictures, it only means that the time of exposure may be a bit different, as well as the angle and direction to the motif in regards to the sunset itself.
Compliments of SRB)
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17 Responses to Low Cloud Formations

  1. Noellie says:

    Stunning photos and colors. I love when nature displays such awesome artwork. I captured storm clouds with the sunset last night. https://noelliesplace.com/2019/05/21/storm-clouds-at-sunset/

  2. Woww fire in the sky, wonderful pictures!!

  3. Per Morten Reigstad says:

    This must be some of the most colour rich and spectakulare photos of sunsets i have ever seen!

  4. We have had some great clouds but sadly no red skies morning or evening…the cloud cover suddenly becomes thicker and obscures the horizon.

    • Seenorway says:

      That is the tough part – but also the exiting element – of hunting sunsets, David.
      You never really know what you’ve got before 30 minutes AFTER the sun has disappeared underneath the horizon. (How many times have I started the home journey, only to be forced back to shoot another dozen frames!) The reason is that through the last 30 minutes of a sunset, it is the cloud layers underneath the horizon (the ones you don’t see) that will affect the colors of your sunset! Stay put! Wait it out, and you may get the surprise of your life – at times! Or you’d be wishing you’d returned earlier! 🙂

  5. -Eugenia says:

    Wow! Stunning and dramatic colors! The second photo has a lot of action in it! I see what looks like a teddy bear (stuffed animal) either chasing something or blowing out a puff of smoke.

  6. utesmile says:

    Your clouds and colours are definitely more dramatic than I have ever seen here .

  7. Seenorway says:

    Yes, they are! Some of the forms being the result of strong gusts of wind and som are actually falling hail!

  8. Love it when you can actually see the rain fall from the clouds in waves.. Enjoy your weekend 🙂

  9. puzzleblume says:

    The form of clouds looks strange to me but beautiful, and the colour range is amazing.

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