The Woodland Experiment

Jeg lovet dere jo å teste mobilkameraet under vanskelige forhold, dvs. vanskelige motiver i skogsterreng, og – nå har jeg gjort nettopp det! De fleste har vel opplevet husvegger, flaggstenger, telefonstolper og andre master som har en tendens til å lene seg innover i bildet? Et typisk tegn på optikk som sliter!
Det neste problemet er jo å finne et fokuseringspunkt med god nok kontrast til at man med sikkerhet kan fastslå en avstand, og – her ute i skogen mangler det ikke på forstyrrende momenter som kvister og grener og høyst varierende lysforhold.
Så hvordan oppførte kameraet seg under slike forhold?
Well, her et par av bildene jeg tok. Klikk til full format og studer detaljer. Bedøm selv!
Personlig er jeg litt imponert.
I promised that I’d test out this mobile camera in a difficult conditions like a woodland terrain, and – now I have done just that!
Most of you may have experienced the problem with house walls, flag poles, telephone poles and other forms of vertical stuctures seemingly slanting inwards into the picture?
A sign  that the optics of the lense is really struggeling!
The nex problem would be the need for a solid focusing point with enough contrast to ensure a correct distance. Out here in the woods there were absolutely no shortage on disturbing elements like branches, twigs and – ever changing light conditions.
So,  – how would this mobile camera of mine perform under such akward conditions?
Well, here is a couple of my pictures from that trip. Please click to ‘full screen’ and see for yourself. Personally I’m a bit impressed with the optics of this phonecamera.
Compliments of SRB)
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10 Responses to The Woodland Experiment

  1. Per Morten Reigstad says:

    Ja det var bra detaljerte og klare bilder både i front og i dybden

  2. -Eugenia says:

    Wow! Very impressive with excellent detail and color. I feel you have a good friend in your mobile camera. Stunning shots, Svein!

    • Seenorway says:

      Thank you! A bit surprised myself, but pleased! But after I shot a few pictures of my small feathered friends through a thick brush – and with rather good result, I did have some hopes!

  3. Hello Svein, how are you? Dropped by your blog after some time. Beautiful woodland photos.

    • Seenorway says:

      Well, hello there! So pleased to have you back! I’ll immediately get you back on my special list! 🙂 Been out travelling, have you? The photos you just observed was more or less the final testing of my new mobile phone camera, but I have published at least a dozen previously, Please enjoy!

      • Yes, I’ve been travelling and got back home a week ago, so it feels grand. You have left your trusty DSLR now for a mobile phone camera then? I am impressed. 😀

        • Seenorway says:

          Well, not quite! You know, even if I’ve found a proficient mobile phone camera (Leica), my old camera is still the same and may serve me well (as before), but I must admit it’s way easier to carry a phone camera in my pocket than a camera bag with all that goes with it.
          And when this new camera seems to handle 95% of my daily challenges, it will probably be what I will be using most frequently in the time to come.
          But when it comes to catch bumblebees in flight or butterflies in the field, I’ll probably revert to my good old friend : the M-1 (Olympus)

  4. utesmile says:

    I think they are beautiful pictures with great colours and with shades etc. A good camera, in my eyes.

    • Seenorway says:

      Thank you, Ute, and congrats for being the first one to voice an opinion! (I never seem to learn) As for myself I was a bit astonished to se how the camera focused very well on tiny details at the very far back of the picture, but at the same time taking in the near surroundings – all on automatic settings.
      And how much easier to bring along on a trip!

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