Exit April

Utrolig nok, men allerede imorgen er April historie!  Og kanskje har vi latt oss lure av en April måned som har satt varmerekorder over store deler av landet, men for dem som hadde gledet seg til en like varm Mai, så må jeg skuffe. Plutselig melder nå meterologene  at vi i Mai skal tilbake til ‘normal-temperaturer’ – hvilket innebærer temperaturer fra
5-10 grader C.  Brrr! Men – heldigvis fikk jeg dokumentert hvor deilig denne April-måneden har vært. Bilder fra en og samme solnedgang har en tendens til å bli ganske like, så selv om jeg nok tok 10 – 15 bilder, så velger jeg ut noen få av dem her.
It feels pretty incredible, but only tomorrow the month of April is coming to an end! And –
perhaps we have all been fooled by an April that has set temperature records most anywhere in our country, but to those that have been expecting a just as warm month of May, I must say ‘sorry, folks’!  The weather people are informing us that we are about to return to normal! That means that May temperatures will stay around 5 – 10 degrees C!

Fortunately I was able to document how fantastic the month of April has really been over most of our country. Now – several pictures from the very same sunset tend to be very much alike, but even if I shot at least a couple of dozen frames, I’ve selected only a few
for you to enjoy!
Alle bildene er som vanlig i ‘full format’ og kan ‘klikkes’ til full størrelse!

All the pictures are – as usual – in ‘full screen’ and may be clicked into full size!
Compliments of SRB)
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7 Responses to Exit April

  1. The colors are fantastic, and the clouds too

  2. -Eugenia says:

    Glorious captures, Svein! The last photo is striking! It seems the sun is not ready to give up yet!

    • Seenorway says:

      The very last moments of a sunset is always the most exiting ones!
      This because the rays from the sun may be affected by cloud layers one can’t see because they’re underneath the horizon! Many a time I have rturned home thinking it was all over, only to find it necessary to return to the scene!

  3. Don’t worry ….. it will soon be Christmas. But yes it does seem as if time has just vanished. Roll on May 🙂

  4. Wonderful to see April skies Svein.. and yes April has been a month here too of ups and downs in temperatures. Wishing you well my friend.. ❤

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