Looking up!

Ja, nå ser det endelig ut til at været stabiliserer seg slik vi er vant til. Det har ikke vært nedbør av betydning på flere uker, og temperaturene har lagt seg til ro på et nivå vi kan leve med. Og når vi går en liten tur, så ser vi at naturen rundt oss våkner til liv. Nesten så busker, trær og blomster strekker seg etter sollyset. Våren har kommet for å bli!
Well, now – at last it’s looking up! The weather seems to stabilize the way we are used to.
There hasn’t been a downfall of anything for weeks on end and temperatures has been lying stadily on a pleasant level we may live with!
And whenever we take stroll around the neighborhood we may observe that nature seems to stretch itself towards the sunshine. Evidently the spring is here to stay?!
Compliments of SRB)
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'See Norway' vil i fremtid befatte seg med å vise bildereportasjer fra byer, kommuner og tettsteder rundt i Norge. 'See Norway' will take pride in showing you picture reports from communities and settlements throughout Norway. Contact: post@roby.no
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15 Responses to Looking up!

  1. utesmile says:

    Beautiful flowers and such great colours. Enjoy it, they make happy!

  2. Bela Johnson says:

    Beautiful! And that you were able to capture those purples. I am impressed, I have a hard time photographing purples and reds. Probably the difference in cameras. 😉

    • Seenorway says:

      You quite right about the difference in cameras, Bela, but perhaps more in technology than in quality?! Again these pictures has been taken with my new mobile camera wchich technology seem tu be quite different when it comes to ‘depth of field`? I think you may see this in the pictures from the church at Roeyken published a few days ago as well?
      Sharp from 10 feet away and into eternity! 🙂 I’ll be testing this out shooting a few woodland panoramas in the near future.

      • Bela Johnson says:

        Wow. Well I’ve used my iphone as well as my Canon. But I tend to want to get up close, and perhaps that’s my error. I’ll try the long shot next time and then just crop. 😉

        • Seenorway says:

          It’s a wise thing to experiment. Get to know your lenses and cameras! They all work a bit different (otherwise we’d only need one – right? ) 😉
          Remember my night photos from the city of Drammen? You could se every details across the river, however, I’m pretty sure that if I had used my main camera at the time, you’d probably have seen next to nothing! 🙂

          • Bela Johnson says:

            Yup. I am never likely to have multiple cameras though. Shots i post daily to instagram are taken with my iphone. For me, it’s more of the experience than the capture, if that makes sense. I am out and about quite a bit, walking and connecting with nature. I can pop my phone in my pocket, and if I see something, snap! Thanks for the advice though, Svein.

            • Seenorway says:

              I quite agree with you, Bela! No matter how small a professional camera is, it may never compete with mobilecameras on weight/size, and today the mobilecameras have really made a leap in technology. To be quite honest I have a professional camera on my shelf – value 2000 pounds, but – since I bought my latest mobile phone I haven’t really touched it!
              I had an excuse: I wantged to test out this new mobile phone, but didn’t really expect it to turn outthe way it has. It does take shots my main camera could not!

            • Bela Johnson says:

              Yes. I had bought a good camera a few years back, Only to have the iPhone jump forward in technology with its camera. And it just keeps getting better, though I’m still with the 6s model. Now there’s the X, but these phones are not cheap and I love my 6s. Still, it takes good enough photographs for me most of the time. 😎

            • Seenorway says:

              I bought myself the Huawei Mate P20 Pro with a Leica camera. It has served me well, but now they have the P30 with macro and an 5x zoom 🙂 Oh well! . . . 🙂

            • Bela Johnson says:

              Wow! A Leica on a mobile?!

            • Seenorway says:

              A Leica lense, most likely, but I’m not sure. Leica makes cameras as well!
              But that was one of the reasons I purchased it! And so far, I’m pretty happy with the results.

            • Bela Johnson says:

              Of course! Good cameras. 😉

  3. Seenorway says:

    New lease on life! For the flowers and for me! 🙂
    And very soon I’ll try a few new ideas for woodland panoramas!

  4. -Eugenia says:

    Yes! It appears spring is ready to stay in your neighborhood. Beautiful flowers with lovely vibrant colors.

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