Show me the way to go home –

For et par dager siden var vi invitert til en ‘sen middag’ og enda senere ble det etter hvert!
Klokken var vel innunder midnatt før vi bega oss på hjemvei og selv månen virket mest interesssert i å gå til køys der den gjorde sitt ytterste for å skjule seg bak et tykt ‘gardin’ av mørk dis. På den andre siden av dalen så vi kun en del ‘utelys’ og selv mitt ganske moderne
kamera slet med detaljene. Egentlig heller ikke helt skarpt, men – det ble en slags litt spesiell ‘stemning’ som jeg prøver å formidle . . .
Og siden natten var så vidt mørk som den var, så mintes jeg en gammel sangtekst populær en gang på 50-tallet –  Pussig hvordan hukommelsen plutselig lever sitt eget liv?!
A couple of days back we had been invited to a late dinner, and even later it became! 🙂
When we started on the ‘home run’, the time must have been very close to midnight?!
Even the moon seemed mostly interested in drawing the curtains and go to bed hiding behind a solid curtain of nightly haze.
Across the valley we could only see the outer lighting from a number of houses and even my realtively modern camera had a tough job identfying details . . .
And in addition to that this picture didn’t become as sharp as I would have wished, however, it did catch kind of an atmosphere in the night which I’m trying to convey!?
And since the night became as dark as it did, I suddenly came to think of a song lyric popular in the 50’s: ‘Show me the way to go home’!  Kind of fun to observe how memories suddenly may spring to life all on its own?! 🙂

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2 Responses to Show me the way to go home –

  1. Seenorway says:

    Yes, it became kind of unique at the time. Usually it’s either a clear sky or cloudy and no moon at all, but on this occasion hidden behind a haze. But really, there wasn’t much light at all for the camera to find a focusing point!

  2. -Eugenia says:

    That is a stunning shot, Svein. I don’t think I’ve seen colors like that in the sky – almost a purple glow surrounding the moon. Yes, the song lyric fits the scene well.

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