The Breakfast Bush

Det har til tider vært en ganske uvanlig vinter med til dels betydelige mengder av snø når man minst ventet det. Dette har skapt en del problemer for vare minste fjærkledte venner som til stadighet finner sine vanligste matkilder dekket av tykke lag med snø!
Legger man ut litt mat, så er det dessverre først og fremst de litt større fuglene som stikker av med alle ‘godsakene’. Så hva gjør man?
Løsningen ble å henge opp fuglematerne inne i en tettest mulig busk fulle av kvister og torner som gjorde det nesten umulig for litt større fugler å ta seg inn.

Tiltaket ble tilsynelatende godt mottatt. Det varte ikke lenge før småfugler  nærmest svermet inn i busken flere ganger daglig. På det meste må det ha vært minst 15-20 fugl inne i denne busken – samtidig og fuglmaterne må nå fylles minst annen hver dag!
Dersom du vil se detaljene i bildet, anbefales å klikke bildet til ‘full-format’
At times this winter has been a rather peculiar one and at times with exceptional quantities of snow! This has made the living conditions of our smallest feathered friends a rather harsh experience as they very often find their usual food supplies burried in thick layers of snow!
Leaving a bit of food outside, one may reast assured that the larger birds lift off with the ‘goodies’ long before the smaller ones have had a chance to quenche their hunger. So – what can we do?
Our solution was to hang a number of bird feeders inside a thick bush with a lot of thorny twigs, nearly impossible for a bigger bird to penetrate! It proved to be  very popular among the smaller ones! Soon they swarmed into the bush several times a day and our bird feeders had to be re-filled 3-4 times pr week! Some times we could count as many as 15-20 birds inside the bush – at the same time!
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9 Responses to The Breakfast Bush

  1. So happy to see you provide much needed food for the birds… We also feed the birds daily with feeders with seeds and fat-balls.. And they let us know if we are ever late filling them.. 🙂
    Like you, since the Sparrow Hawk patrols above our heads and has taken sadly a few sparrows, landing on our garden several times, we hang among the branches so the sparrows feel safer.
    We had two new ones the other week, not usually seen in this area, which were some Longtail tits.. A beautiful bird, A pair arrived, we only saw them the once on the feeders,, We think they were on the move..
    Wishing you well and take care in all that snow.. ❤

  2. -Eugenia says:

    What a nice idea! I’m sure they are very grateful.

    • Seenorway says:

      They seem to be! 🙂 But the other morning the whole bush was snowed totally down, the ‘restaurant’ closed, and the ones that still tried for breakfast did so with their life in the ballance. Now it has all been restored to normal and the feeding goes on 24/7 🙂

  3. Seenorway says:

    And one that works perfectly if one has a similar problem!

  4. utesmile says:

    So nice to give the small ones their own breakfast room! As you see they are very thankful!

    • Seenorway says:

      They are indeed! Only when we received an extraordinary snowfall of 20 inches in as many hours, the whole bush disappeared under the snow! I had to dig it back out, but now the the first signs of spring has been registered! (I think! 🙂 )

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