Sørfjorden Panorama

Sørfjorden er en arm av den mer berømte Hardangerfjorden og strekker seg sydover helt inn til industrisamfunnet Odda i bunnen av fjorden nesten 38 km lenger syd. Sørfjorden er på det dypeste målt til 385 meter!
Bak snøfjellene på andre siden av fjorden ligger isbreen Folgefonna!

The Soerfjord is an arm of the somewhat more renowned ‘Hardanger fjord’ and stretches nerly 24 miles towards the city of Odda at the southern end of this fjord.
At its deepes the Soerfjord has been measured to a depth of 1271 feet
Behind the snowy peaks on the other side of the fjord lies the glacier named ‘Folgefonna’!

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10 Responses to Sørfjorden Panorama

  1. Spectacular Image.. Very atmospheric 🙂

  2. Bela Johnson says:

    Wow!! The depth is astounding, and the photograph beautiful!

    • Seenorway says:

      On behalf of my friend out West (who ha shot this scene)Thank you!
      And yes, our fjords are pretty deep. Take the ‘Sognefjord’ a bit further North, the depth may be something like the height of the mountains around it! 🙂

      • Bela Johnson says:

        Crazy! And we have live volcanoes under the sea. Which I suspect exist up north as well (Iceland leaps to mind). Boiling up through the frozen surface! What a wonder this world is!

        • Seenorway says:

          Yes, I’ll second that! Hawaii is on the top of a ‘hot spot’ and new islands are popping up at intervals, however, Iceland is a bit different. In the middel of Iceland the ‘geo-plates’ are slowly drifting apart and break Iceland into 2 separate islands. What will happen next is very difficult to imagine . . .
          The consolation being that this won’t happen in our time, but if there are still a human race on Earth in
          50 000 years I really wouldn’t know? Stephen Hawking gave the human race 100 years to get off to another planet, and in such a setting 100 years is like the blink of an eye . . .!

          • Bela Johnson says:

            It is. We haven’t taken very good care of this beautiful planet. So we travel to another to destroy it as well? Glad I won’t be here to witness it. Aloha Svein. 🌺

  3. Seenorway says:

    The countryside is rather steep up there – for regular farming – but,- we’re talking about the Hardanger area, It could be a small fruit (apple) plantage.

  4. -Eugenia says:

    The mist or fog adds a bit of intrigue to the picture. Beautiful view for those that live in what appears to be a farmhouse.

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