The Winter that was . . .

Det har vært en litt underlig vinter i år. Først kom det tilsynelatende ingen snø i det hele tatt, men kaldt ble det etter hvert. Men så plutselig – like før jul – begynte det å snø. Og igjen ble det litt utenom det vanlige. Først kom det rundt 50 cm som langsomt forsvant igjen, men så fikk vi påfyll med nye 50 cm. Og som ikke det var nok – uken etter kom det nye 50 cm! Og så plutselig ble det varslet enda et stormsenter med rekordnedbør på kurs mot oss, men denne gang med plussgrader og regn!!! Så iløpet av 24 timer forsvant godt over halvparten av snøen, men for sikkerhets skyld har jeg jo tatt noen bilder. Dog kan det se ut som det ble en kort men hektisk vinter?
The winter has been a rather strange one this year! First there was appearantly not going to be any snow at all, but the cold weather arrived as usually! Then suddenly – just before Christmas eve – it started to snow . . .
First came approximately 20 inches, but after a few days only we received another serving of 20 inches a new. And the – as if that wasn’t enough – came another 20 inches again!
Just days later another storm center was heading our way with record amounts of the wet stuff, but this time the temperatures were solidly on the plus side and at least half the snow fallen disappeared over night! But – just to make sure that we could document that we have had our share, I shot a number of pictures for you to see. It looks like we may have a hectic – but very short – winter this year? And I don’t mind! 🙂
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31 Responses to The Winter that was . . .

  1. irinadim says:

    How very beautiful! Such white landscapes stir up memories of my old home.

  2. Missy's Crafty Mess says:

    Our weather was nice up until the week of Christmas too. We’ve since been bombarded by weekly blizzards and below zero temperatures.

    • Seenorway says:

      Across most of the world, I think? More weather – not to say ‘extreme weather’, but I think we are only seeing the beginning of it . . . (unfortunately!)

      • Missy's Crafty Mess says:

        I believe you are right

        • Seenorway says:

          Wind and temperatures may at a certain level be handled, however, if the oceans are starting to rise it will be really critical. It’s easy to think that the effect will hit coral islands throughout the Pacific, but imagine what a rise of 10 feet would do to Miami, New York, London, Paris and the whole of Holland/Belgium, Bangla Desh and half of Denmark?! It might take 10-15 years, but the chances for it to happen increases by the years!

  3. Bela Johnson says:

    Good you don’t mind it, but if water tables go down, there are consequences … friends on the east coast of the US relay record dryness for this winter so far. And so. 😉

    • Seenorway says:

      And Donald? Has he become a believer yet?

      • Bela Johnson says:

        What a moron that man is. Truly.

        • Seenorway says:

          🙂 What’s more of a mystery is the way his followers seems to believe his every word? Much like a sect?!

          • Bela Johnson says:

            You’ve got me mystified there, Svein. But you know, this country has a wicked shadow of racism and elitism that has carried through since its inception and slavery. It’s time to air it out, and perhaps this man embodies all educated, aware people might want to believe they are Not. But there are many in our midst now standing publicly before us, daring us to stand up for our best qualities. His election has forced many who would like to remain silent and undisturbed to take to the streets, so to speak, and right what wrongs we can. And that’s my appraisal of it! So ultimately, if he and his cronies don’t utterly kill the planet first, I think it might result in more aware, caring, open people who actually embrace the tenets of our Constitution rather than just spewing them and acting contrary to its principles. Here’s hoping. Cheers!

            • Seenorway says:

              I lift myglas to you; Bela!
              What most Europeans can’t seem to understand is how it all came about? How may the impossible suddenly become possible? How does majority of America let themselves be led by the nose like this and how many years will you need to restore the trust in America around the world!?

            • Bela Johnson says:

              You know Svein, I cannot speak for the masses who blindly follow reality shows on television, but our country has somehow become their ultimate entertainment and I am not having fun at all observing the incredibly damaging fallout. It is truly an embarrassment; and further and more importantly, these greed-based decisions made by a few rich white fat cats affect the entire globe and the earth, herself. Not funny.

              The majority did NOT elect this clown. But I’m not going to get into the specifics of voter fraud and the electoral college system. Nor will I confirm interference by Russia, though it seems to now be proven that this was so.

              As for trusting and empowering one of the newest nations on earth to lead by example, perhaps that was as misguided as taking advice and life direction from your teenager. Thinking, educated and functional American people understand what other countries value about this one is our Constitution, but we also realize that document has been systematically dismanteled by the uber rich and their corporate interests.

              I would apologize to the world, but I’m too busy trying to figure out how to work my way out of the labyrinthian maze of state and national red tape and taxes that is our year-end obligation. I’m thoroughly tired of it at 65. And sure I won’t feel redeemed anytime soon, if ever, in that regard. So I take one day at a time and focus on wrapping my arms around the beauty that surrounds us here on beautiful Hawaii Island.

              Peace and love and harmony will always be my desire for All People. Cheers, Svein. Aloha.

            • Seenorway says:

              Hi Bela,
              I undserstand your predicament! But – well spoken, ideed! And perhaps more people ought to say what they mean? I read that the farming industry of the entire SouthWest would
              grind to a halt if there were no mexicans for hire?! Even golf ranges owned by our fellow friend are hiring mexicans to get the work done! BUT – in a couple of years now the signes will be increasignly harder to ignore. (Unless perhaps you’re a president?) But – I won’t be meddling in US affairs. You have people to do just that, only they seem to be working more for themselves than for the US public? So you’re 65? Imagine what I feel at 82?! 🙂

            • Bela Johnson says:

              I can well imagine, Svein. So we do what we can.

              Your points are well taken, believe me. Yes, immigrant and slave labor have propped this country up since its inception. Not all history is pleasant, for sure, if one delves a little beneath the surface.

              Blessings on the day!

            • Seenorway says:

              Thank you! We do keep ourselves posted and it’s not very difficult as our papers are very quick to print small
              messages they seem to find on Twitter! As for myself I’ve never been there and won’t ever be. I have also terminated my FB-account!

            • Bela Johnson says:

              Completely understand. I would never do Twitter, no. Life is far more precious than wasting time on that. 😎

  4. -Eugenia says:

    Beautiful shots and I hope you have an early spring! Our weather went from winter to spring and back to winter in 48 hours. It’s crazy!

  5. Beautiful Svein and a short Winter is a bonus in anyone’s book.. 🙂

  6. So far we have missed the snow. The worst it has been is the very occasional frost and even then only one morning of what one would call a hard frost. Yesterday we had 11c and they tell us this week will be the warmest February week on record. But we still need to top up the water supplies so need rain and with no snow there is no snow melt. A very odd winter indeed 🙂

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