My Winter Wonderland

Etter at det hadde snødd i samfulle 3 dager til ende, så fikk vi faktisk 3-4 timer med sol på søndag! Og siden jeg gjennom de siste dager har servert dere med bilder av snøvær, så tenkte jeg at jeg kanskje burde ta en rask spasertur gjennom nabolaget for å se om det nye mobil-kameraet taklet sol på hvit snø?
Men – jeg hadde ikke gjort regning med at med solen bakfra så gikk skjermen i svart!
Jeg kunne finne utløseren fordi jeg visste omtrent hvor på skjermen den sto, meldinger om å holde kameraet i ro (selv etter eksponering), eller fokuseringspunkt ble umulig å se,
Og derfor beklager jeg at noen av disse bilden burde ha blitt noe skarpere enn hva de faktisk er, men man lærer så lenge man lever – og så lenge man utfordrer teknologien! 🙂
Men – her får dere i alle fall et knippe med bilder fra mine nærmeste omgivelser!
After having experienced a massive snowfall for the last three days, the Sunday suddenly arrived offering bright sunshine! And since you have been presented with nothing but overcast and snow during the last 3 days, I figured a quick walk through my neighborhood
would be in place? At the same time I could see what my mobile camera would do confronted with sunny white snow?
You learn as you go! I never anticipated that my screen would go black, but with tha sharp sun behind me, that’s just what it did! I could shoot the picture only because I pretty much knew where in the screen the shutter button was mounted, but messages as to hold still even after exposure and other technical aspects were all lost to me. So if some of these pictures seems to be less sharp than they ought to be, – now you know why! 🙂
Dette bildet krever en liten forklaring: Det røde huset der oppe i skogbrynet er ingen bondegård, men klubbhuset til Røyken Golf Klubb, Herfra og oppover i skogen strekker det seg en nydelig 18 hulls bane gjennom vakkert skogsterreng med små dammer og tjern i forskjellige størrelser, men akkurat nå om dagen er det meste hvitt . . .

This picture needs perhaps an explanation: The red buildings upon the ridge is not a regular farm house, but the club house of the Roeyken Golf Club! From here an 18 hole
golfing range stretches through the woodlands surrounden by small dams and lakes of different sizes, but today it’s all mostly covered in white!
Et lite oversiktsbilde over det som regnes som Røyken Sentrum, men selvsagt har vi en rekke tettsteder spredt ut over hele kommunen!

Here a panorama shot of what’s called the center of Roeyken, but of course, we have a number of residental areas spread out all over the municipality!

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22 Responses to My Winter Wonderland

  1. irinadim says:

    It is indeed a wonderland. Beautiful photos.

    • Seenorway says:

      Thank you! And whilst you’ve been gone, so has the winter! Today there are only a few patches os snow left, and our termometer reports 12 degrees C plus! The spring has

  2. Beautiful Winter Wonderland Svein, cannot get over your lovely Blue skies, its been a while since we had a clear blue sky. 😀

  3. Paola says:

    Unbelievable panorama. And no golf games now 😉

  4. cichosza says:

    piękna ta zima 🙂

  5. Seenorway says:

    My small problem up here is that I have shown you these motives before – several times over, but that’s how it goes when you stroll around your own neighborhood. And – they are new pictures, so not exactly the same as before 🙂 But then again there has been a number of new followers over the years and they might not have seen these motives allthough the old pictures are still out there.
    However, blog pictures tend to be ‘fresh meat’ as very few take the time to browse archives at random (and I can understand why) That’s why I built my ‘INDEX’ 🙂

  6. puzzleblume says:

    With intense blue skies, it looks gorgeous and clean, from the distance,

    • Seenorway says:

      I think I should take the credit for that sky?! 🙂
      As my screen went absolutely black most of the time, I wasn’t aware that I was shooting in ‘live colors’ which is a filter made to enhance colors. I never noticed before I got home and saw the pictures on my PC screen. They were much darker than this! I have tried to normalize the situation adding more light to the pictures, but I think they came out rather well?

  7. utesmile says:

    I agree, Winter Wonderland, it looks so beautiful and I ‘d love to go for a walk there. Is the reason to have houses colourful so you can see them in the white winter world. Coulored houses look great in the snow.

    • Seenorway says:

      I agree, but no! However, there are rules for how to paint your house here. You can’t do anything (free choice), but you’ll observe that the color of the houses will somehow alter with the part of the country, In Southern Norway the majority of houses tend to be painted white, but those that absolutely don’t want ‘white’ tend to choose a very warm yellow or red.
      A green or dark blue in this environments would be nearly unthinkable (but not prohibited), whereas in other parts of our long country blue, green, brown (or whatever) wouldn’t even raise an eyebrow! 🙂

  8. -Eugenia says:

    Perfect title, Svein. Yes, definitely a winter wonderland and a beautiful one at that. You got some fabulous shots! I can’t even choose one shot over the other as far as a favorite. Thanks for the clarification on the red buildings because I had assumed they were farm structures.

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