King Winter dropped by –

Ja, det kunne vel ikke unngås? Til vinter hører jo snø, og da kanskje særlig her til lands?!
vi hadde jo lyttet til radiosendinger om kaos på sørvestlandet og at været beveget seg østover, men – det får da være måte på? Tirsdag morgen våknet vi til 18 kuldegrader og 30 cm med nysnø! Kong Vinter har gjort sin entrè!  Og vi har bare å føye oss!
Well then, – it probably was no way around it. During a winter season there is usually snow! No but’s about it! And for some time we had been listening to TV broadcasts reporting heavy snowfalls in the Southwestern part of our country. Now the weather was on an Easterly course! But there ought to be a limit to anything! Tuesday morning we awoke to a blistering 18 degrees C below zero and approximately  12-14 inches of snow blown into large drifts. King Winter had arrived, and ther really wasn’t much we could do about it! 🙂
Men etter en liten stund begynte vi å vende oss til et nydelig solskinn, frisk kald luft og omgivelsene dekket av et vakker hvitt snølag som enkelte steder funklet som diamanter i solen.

But after a short time we started to accept the bright sunny weather, fresh cold air and the surroundings covered in a thick layer of bright white snow which in some places were glittering like diamonds in the sun.

Compliments of SRB)
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8 Responses to King Winter dropped by –

  1. Keep warm and safe. Lovely photo. 💖🤗 Sending warm thoughts and regards your way Svein 💜

    • Seenorway says:

      Well, Hello there! You haven’t by any chance joined ‘The Painters Union’? 🙂
      How many have you finished by now? 🙂
      If the sun is relieving the fog banks tomorrow, I might try to shoot a few winter scenes for you! May be you’ll get an inspiration? 😉

  2. Seenorway says:

    Thank you! If the sun comes tomorrow, I’ll try to go one better!

  3. utesmile says:

    The Black Forest has snow too, just not as cold as in Norway! They say it should snow tonight in London……I’m waiting. 🙂 You picture looks beautiful with the snow! There is something nice about a sunny snowy, day when the snow sparkles! Love it!

    • Seenorway says:

      Hi, Ute –
      I made a final test of the Huawei phone today! I tried to shoot an area with sunny white snow with diamond sparkles in it? And what do you know, I think it did! Haven’t seen the shot on a large screen as of yet, but may be tomorrow?!

  4. Leyla says:

    Akk ja! Her oppe har vi fått snø så det holder. Da vi kom hjem i forrige uke vasset jeg i snø opp til lårene! Samboeren måtte bare starte fresen med en gang. I tillegg har vi hatt og har det iskaldt med vind i tillegg. Det har vært mellom -15 til minus 20…pluss vind! Heldigvis har vi vedfyring og veden ligger pent stablet under presenninger rett utenfor stueveggen 🙂

  5. -Eugenia says:

    Wow! Beautiful shot, Svein.

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