Another Day

Vi nærmer oss Julen og dagene forsvinner fortere enn hva mange setter pris på!  Da hjelper det av og til å stresse ned litt? Puste dypt og langsomt, feste blikket på naturen rundt oss og ta inn over oss at det blir Jul uansett!  Det spiller egentlig ingen rolle om man er helt ferdig med alt man hadde planer om å gjøre!  Det kommer ingen nisse for å sjekke i krokene, om vinduer er vasket, treet pyntet eller om all julemat og presanger er kjøpt inn?!
Kall det hva du vil, men prøv å innse at 24 Desember  egentlig bare er en ny dato på kalenderen?  24 Desember 2018 har riktignok aldri vært her før, og den kommer aldri tilbake, men – dette historiske postulat gjelder jo for en hvilken som helst dato gjennom alle tider? Så hvorfor haster det så innmari?! Dagen vil passere! Jeg lover!  🙂
We’re fast approaching Christmas! And the days are passing quicker than most housewifes appreciate.  A million things to do, but no time to get them done?!
It may help you to take a deep breath, sitting down and enjoying the nature out there?
What’s the rush? The Christmas will be coming regardless of whether you have done it all – or not! There will be no St. Claus calling to inspect your home. Whether windows are cleaned or checking for dust behind your sofa! Relax!
Try to understand that there isn’t really anything special about this time of the year!
Yes, the December 24th 2018 has never been here before, nor will it ever be seen again, but – in spite of this historic postulate – it mis only a date in a calender – like every other
day through time! So why this terrible haste to get it all done?! Sit down and enjoy!
It will pass! I promise! 🙂

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15 Responses to Another Day

  1. Paola says:

    Perfect words Svein. We are always running, and we forget to enjoy, people and time

  2. That is so true Svein.. I have been busy knitting some gifts, finishing them off ready for Christmas, and baking and freezing things.. Time indeed flying where has Dec flown to already..
    I seem to have less time now than I did when I worked full time..
    But I don’t hurry things any more.. No point…
    And so your advice is correct.. Sit down and ENJOY…
    The only moment is the NOW moment anyway.. 😀 ❤

  3. utesmile says:

    You are so right…. I’m not panicking… it will be as it will be. Great shot! It’ll be just my son and me on Christmas day … so nice and relaxing, we’ll have a board game day! Can’t wait!

  4. Seenorway says:

    From an observers point of view it’s all a bit crazy. Instead of using a full week to shine up and make everything ready for Christmas, they ought to turn this around. Whatever you’ve been puting into it, by Christmas eve your house will look like it’s been through WW II – twice!
    Having saved your energy till 3rd day Christmas, when everything has simmered down and you have plenty of time, – this is the time where the family all together could bring the family dwelling back into what it’s supposed to be: A good and orderly home for the family!

  5. -Eugenia says:

    What you say is good advice. You know the old saying – the faster I go the behinder I get!

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