Unique Cloud Formations

I Norge bruker vi fra tid til annen et uttrykk som ‘ikke siden Ålesund brant’ når vi vil gi uttrykk for at noe er ‘lenge siden’. Dette henspiller på den forferdelige hendelsen i Januar 1904 da hele byen Ålesund  – med unntak av ett eneste hus – brant ned til grunnen!
Denne vakre byen er for lengst bygget opp igjen – og dere kan se bilder av den her
men antagelig gjenspeiler dette noe uvanlige skybildet omtrent slik det må ha sett ut de dagen det brant?

In Norway we have a saying sometimes used: ‘Not since the city of Aalesund burned down’, whenever we want to express that something happened very long ago.
This reflects the terrible ordeal on Jan. 23rd 1904 when the whole city og Aalesund – except for one single house – burned to ashes!
This beautiful city has long since been rebuilt, and if you are a bit curious – you may se pictures from this city today here, but perhaps this somewhat unusual cloud picture
may give you an idea of what it might have been like?

Compliments of SRB)
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6 Responses to Unique Cloud Formations

  1. Missy's Crafty Mess says:

    Beautiful picture but such a heartbreaking story

  2. -Eugenia says:

    Stunning shot, Svein! Yes, the cloud formation does give the impression of massive fire. Your pics of the city are stunning.

  3. Seenorway says:

    In Norway we’re fortunate to have a choice of where we live. But with regards to the restaurant. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t there at all in 1904. Please have in mind that this city was far smaller at the time, but of course, it was still a horrid experience. There’s few signs of that fire as of today!

  4. Bela Johnson says:

    I did view your city photos. I hate to be a nature snob, if there is such a thing, but all I could think of was what that peninsula must have looked like before all the buildings. Gosh. Imagine just that restaurant being there without all the rest! Haha! Because really, who can blame people for wanting to live where there are such sweeping, beautiful views? And so I am always left conflicted. It would be a different thing, I would imagine, with boots on the ground. One could doubtless explore some fun little streets and some interesting buildings. I do love your cloud photo! And of course your city photos are also lovely, I don’t mean to take away from them. Aloha for now 🌺

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