The Eurasian Tree Sparrow

I Norge går denne fuglen under navnet ‘Pilfink’, og det til tross for at folk flest oppfatter den som en vanlig spurv. Samtidig er den i folks bevissthet en fugl som ‘finnes overalt’, men – dette er faktisk feil. Riktignok finnes den over hele Europa og mesteparten av Asia, men – den finnes ikke i Afrika, i Russland, USA eller det nordligste av Scandinavia.
Hva angår Norge så er den vanlig i det ‘indre Østlandsområdet’ og i et belte langs syd og vestkyst omtrent opp til Hordaland, men så er det stopp! Et pussig trekk er jo at den tilsynelatende trives i Japan, Filippinene og Indonesia mens den ser ut til å være totalt fraværende i Midtøsten, Egypt, Irak, Iran, Saudi-Arabia, Pakistan og India!?
Den spiser mest frø av ymse slag, men akkurat i tiden da den har unger, kan den også finne næring i andre ting.
Pilfinken er 14-15 cm lang, vceier ca 20 gram og har et vingespenn på ca 20-22 cm, noe som virker smått utrolig når man ser fuglen ute i naturen!
In Norway we have named this little bugger for ‘Pilfink’ (direct trans.: Arrow Finch), and in spite of the fact that most people believe it to be an ordinary sparrow, – which is what’s it called throughout Europe and Asia?! (Eurasian Tree Sparrow).
Actually it’s found all over Europa and most of Asia, but on the other hand – it’s nowhere to be found in Africa, Russia, USA or – the Northern parts of Scandinavia! Regarding the Norwegian population it’s found throughout our central Southeastern region and along a coastal zone streching along our Southern and Western coastline ending a bit North of the city of Bergen. That’s it! Then the more strange part: It seem to thrive in countries like Japan, Borneo and Indonesia, however, it is non-existant in the Middle East like Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and India?!

The bird is mainly a seed eater but when it’s bringing up a family, it might find nutrition elsewhere as well. It’s, however, a rather small bird: Only 5,5 – 6 inches long, weighing a mere 20 grams with a wingspan of 20-22 cm. The last is kind of surprising when you observe this bird in the nature.

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7 Responses to The Eurasian Tree Sparrow

  1. Missy's Crafty Mess says:

    Looks like he would be cute in a bird cage but probably not a very good pet

  2. -Eugenia says:

    Beautiful coloring and sweet face but another with a mischievous look in his eye. Wow, amazing shot!

  3. Seenorway says:

    Sitting like that, yes! 🙂

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