The Wood Pigeon

Ringdua er dessverre ikke så lett å få på riktig avstand for et godt bilde, men holder man på lenge nok, så får man til slutt et bilde! Ringdua er den største duearten i Europa og er lett å identifisere med sin markante hvite ‘halsring’ som egentlig er to hvite flekker på siden av halsen. I tillegg har vingene et par tydelige hvite ‘bånd’! Fuglen veier ofte 450-550 gram og har gjerne en lengde på ca 45 cm. Vingespennet varierer noe – 65 – 80 cm!
Fuglen finnes over hele Europa, da kanskje med uttak av Russland og de nordligste områder av Skandinavia. Egentlig en trekkefugl, men i Norge overvintrer mange i kystnære strøk i Syd-Norge. Totalt i Europa regner man med en bestand på 18-34 millioner. Jeg har ofte lurt på om man får betalt for forskningsarbeider hvor feilmarginen nærmer seg 50%  🙂
Unfortunately – The Wood Pigeon – has been hard to catch in my viewer, but if you hang in there long enough, you will get it in the end. The wood pigeon is the largest pigeon species in Europe! Easy to identify due to the white spots of both sides of its neck (looking like a ring from a distance) and two easy visible white bands across its wings.
The bird weighs in at app. 450 – 550 grams with a total length of 45 cm and a wingspan varying somewhat between 65- 80 cm!
The wood pigeon is present all over Europe withn the exception of Russia and the extreme Northern parts of Scandinavia. However, it’s really a migratory bird, but many of the Norwegian wood pigeons stay on through winter in the coastal regions of South Norway. The total wood pigeon population throughout Europe is estimated to be ‘approximately. 18 – 34 million individuals! (I have often contemplated how people are paid for scientific research where the margins of error exceeds 50% – haven’t you? 🙂

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12 Responses to The Wood Pigeon

  1. He’s got really beautiful markings and very alert looking eyes!

  2. -Eugenia says:

    His colors are gorgeous. He looks like he’s all decked out for fall and he’s a chubby little bird, isn’t he?

  3. Seenorway says:

    Very pleased to read that you liked them, Sue. I do have some more, but my main project these days is to find an effective way to upload pictures from my new smart phone that do take rather good pictures ( I think) , but I might get a surprice when I see them on a 30 inch screen? 🙂

    • So pleased I checked back, as WP did not submit your reply to my notifications.. You may be surprised at the results.. I use a USB lead that fits the phone one end and computer the other and many of my own images are taken this way.. 🙂

      • Seenorway says:

        Well, that’s how it is, Sue. I’ve had my suspicions for years and I think that in many cases
        WP technology doesn’t quite with the newest android technology. I suspectg that my statistics fail to register approximately 40-60 percent of my traffic, but I can’t prove it!

        • Yes Svien, I have found especially since the new bar added for cookies etc, there have been more glitches.. I only wrote to the happy engineers today as I have about 6 blogs now I no longer receive comments from in my notifications… Not heard back yet… See what they come up with..

          • Seenorway says:

            They probably will, but – it may take considerable time before you get an acceptable solution to the problem, but – how on Earth can you work 6 different blogs efficiently?
            My one and only is quite enough for me. For 4 years now I’ve had the offer of an extra free blog, but I just haven’t got the time – nor the stamina! 🙂

            • No you misunderstood Svein.. I have only Two blogs on WP this and my garden blog.. The 6 others are like you whom answer my comments but I don’t receive my answers in my notifications.. 🙂 … I wouldnt have the stamina either for 6… LOL.. 🙂 Haha…. And Look… I am receiving his answer, yet not your original.. Fancy that… 🙂

            • Seenorway says:

              I see. I noted a small difference her. Your comment – contrary to all others – reached me, but – there were no link to ‘reply’-
              but choosing to go via ‘admin>comments’ I found you again, and this time with ‘comment’ as well as ‘wastebin’ (after 6 years and God knows how many accepted comments!) 🙂 Perhyaps it’s, the Akismet they need to take a closer look at? No, I don’t think they see eye to eye on as lot of things, but as time goes by they probably will.

            • 🙂 success!… 🙂 Thank you..

  4. Dearest Svien,
    Thank you so much for all your beautiful images.. Such pleasure they gave me..

    I so loved the Wild Pheasant the Spotted Woodpecker Mr and Mrs Bullfinch
    Mr Blue tit, and Mr Chaffinch.

    Mr Brambling was new to me.. And loved his plumage..
    Mr Pigeon we have several visit our garden but they are the wood pigeon not the feral kind that hang around towns.
    The cute little Willow tit, again we do not see around here so I loved him..
    The Greenfinch, yes we have them but not so many around here these days..

    The Euasian Siskin again a beautiful bird so loved your pictures, But we do not see him in our part of the world.

    Unlike the Heron.. We have one fly over head some days from a local nearby reservoir where he lives.
    Seagulls too are more common in land and again they hang around the local small fishing lakes.. And swoop in mob handed some mornings.. And can get quite fierce..

    Love the Jackdaw… Again these are quite common here as well as the Crow..

    The Large Hawfinch, well what a beautiful bird that is I only wish he was local.. 🙂
    The Great tit.. We sometimes if we are lucky get him on our feeders but its mainly the blue tits and sparrows, Robins and blackbirds..
    We do have the occasional swoop of a Sparrow Hawk.. He came and caught a sparrow off our feeder the other morning.. Much to my distress, but nothing you can do about nature..

    The Jay is elusive I have seen one only around four times in the woods.. But well worth the spot when you see one..

    Loved all of you posts on your beautiful bird spotting photo’s Svien.. I have not much time today so thought to look then write all on one comment..

    Wishing you a perfect Weekend my friend.. So enjoyed browsing your images..
    Thank you..
    Much love your way.. Sue ❤

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