The Grey Heron

Det er ikke så ofte man er så heldig at man kommer gråhegra på skuddhold. Den er ellers ganske sky og vil helst være alene. Derfor slår den seg ofte ned på ganske god avstand og gjerne ‘på den andre siden’ av sjøen eller elva! Denne gangen tror jeg ikke den så meg før etter en stund og innså kanskje at jeg ikke var ‘farlig.
Og så lenge jeg holdt en lav profil (ikke-truende) så kunne jeg følge den rundt på mine knær og bli vitne til hvordan den fanget småfisk, frosk og annet kryp. Hele tiden forsøkte jeg etter beste evne å bevege meg på tre bein (2 knær og en hånd) samtidig som jeg balanserte kameraet i stilling når sjansen bød seg!
It’s not very often that one get within shooting distance of the grey heron. Usually it’s pretty hard to approach and mostly it chooses to land ‘on the other side’ of a river or lake, hunting best alone! This time, however, I don’t think he spotted me before some time had passed, and probably he got the feeling that I was no danger to him?
So – provided I kept a very low profile (not-threathening) he allowed me to tag along on my knees and one hand, balancing my camera in my free hand and shooting when a chance occurred. For nearly an hour (all the time on my knees) I could witness how he was walking around, hunting small fishes, frogs and other small creatures living along the waters edge.
Nebbet er utrolig langt og skarpt! Slett ikke ufarlig!
The beak is incredibly long and sharp! A dangerous weapon!

Gråhegra kan bli ca 95-100 cm høy og veier vanligvis et sted mellom 1,2 – 2 kg med et totalt vingespenn på ca 190- 200 cm. Hanfugl og hunfugl er tilnærmet like i fargene, men hannen kan bli litt større en hunfuglen. Med et sylhvasst nebb og en lang hals kan denne fuglen fange fisk opp til halvkiloen!

The grey Heron may grow to a height of 95 – 100 cm and will normally weigh approximately 2-4 lbs.The male and female birds looks very much alike as colors go, but normally the male is somewhat larger than his spouse. With a sharp beak of 6 – 8 inches they are capable of catching fish weighing in at app. 1 lb.

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12 Responses to The Grey Heron

  1. Great pictures! It sounds like you put a lot of work into capturing these photos for us to see! Thank you

    • Seenorway says:

      In some cases, yes, but – you’re all welcome! And what’s very pleasing to me (and my hobby) is obtaining close-up’s that will change the way you see these birds!

      • You sure have! My grandpa would have enjoyed reading your blog. He was very interested in birds.

        • Seenorway says:

          Well, actually my blog isn’t about birds at all, but since most bloggers seem to have an aversion against opening links, and the fact that it’s starting to get very expencive to move about in your own car, I’ve found you a number of old bird pictures for the time being. But this blog is actually about Norwegian nature and different places throughout Norway.
          The prices on gasoline in Norway these days are close to 8 bucks a gallon! And I’m long retired!

          • $8.00 USD? I just looked it up for my area and the state average is $2.55 per gallon

            • Seenorway says:

              And that’s even way more than you used to pay, but then came the politicians with all the good causes needing a lot more than what taxes could bring in. So over the years we pay a little extra in nearly all directions. Not only income tax but extra expences on just anbout anything we buy. Gasoline is absolutely no exception. On my way home today I observed the pump price for 1 litre was NOK 17,63 (Which comes to just about $ 2,- And since there is about 4 litres to the gallon – it ends on$ 8 per gallon! Sad, but there it is!
              A decent car will cost you app. $ 50 000 in Norway, but most of us don’t need a brand new one . . . 🙂

  2. Leyla says:

    Nydelig bilde! Tror ikke jeg har sett en slik en, men den er utrolig vakker 🙂

  3. -Eugenia says:

    I remember Great Blue Herons when I lived in Florida. They’re beautiful birds. Fabulous shots, Svein.

  4. Seenorway says:

    Well, the signals were very clear: You rise n’ I’ll fly!

  5. Jason Frels says:

    On your hands and knees? That’s dedication! Great photos.

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