The Grey Goose

Grågåsa er en stor og ganske majestetisk fugl. Særlig når man får den nær innpå seg! Vekten kan variere fra ca 2,2 kilo og opp til rundt 5, mens vingespennet på en fullvoksen grågås kan ligger fra 150 til 180 cm!  Man sier gjerne at det finnes 2 arter av grågåsa: En såkalt ‘vestlig’ og en ‘østlig art’. Den østlige arten har noe blekere og rosa nebb med rosa ringer rundt øynene, mens den ‘vestlige arten’ har en noe mørkere farge og sorte ringer rundt øynene. Tidligere fant man grågåsa kun langs vår vestkyst, men siden 60-åra har den også vært å finne over hele Østlandet.

The grey goose is a rather large and majestic looking bird. Especially when you get it up close! Its weight might vary from approximately 5 lbs and up to 10 lbs for a grown up bird!
The wingspan, however, stretches a mighty 5,5 – 6 feet! It’s claimed that there are actually 2 species of  the ‘grey goose’: One ‘western’ and one ‘eastern’ species. The eastern should be easy to find with a light rosy beak and rosy eye rings, however, when there’s no direct comparisons to be made, it’s not as easy as it sounds.
Earlier on we would only find the grey goose at our western coasts, but since the 60’s it’s been spotted all over the eastern region as well.

Det kan se ut som dette er en representant for den østlige arten? Særlig når man ser på det relativt lyse rosafargede nebbet?!

This might look as a representative for the ‘Eastern species’ looking at the color on the beak, but – I’m noe at all sure of this!
Samtidig er det vanskelig å være helt sikker når man tilsynelatende ikke har et helt klart
sammenligningsgrunnlag? Men en fantastisk fugl er det uansett?!

When you have no direct comparison it’s pretty difficult to be sure about Eastern/Western species, but we may agree on one thing: This is a fantastic bird to look at up close?!

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8 Responses to The Grey Goose

  1. 5.5 to 6 feet wing span! Wow

  2. Seenorway says:

    Well, I did! Can’t let you get lost out there in the wilderness, you know!
    There is, however’ also another element in addition to the general ‘time squeeze’ that seem to hit on everybody these days, but time is getting short (or shorter, perhaps I should say)
    One thing is the predictions by Mr Stephen Hawking (now deceased) that gave us a hundred years to leave planet Earth, but unfortunately I believe this to be an accellerated change which might turn
    the last 50 (of these 100) into a time with grave problems for most everyone?!
    And as for me – my time is even shorter, but at least I don’t have to worry about any form of time squeeze. I’m finished with all that, and take one day at a time! Why worry about something that obviously cannot be changed? We are too many people that will have to comply with new regulations to make it happen before it’s too late! Which would mean it’s already too late! 🙂

  3. Just beautiful images Svein my friend.. He is looking very powerful and full of energy.. We see many such geese on the local lake near our home.. We call them Goose Neck Greys… I don’t know if that is their real name..
    Lovely to find you in the reader.. Its been a while since I dived in here my friend.. I will be paddling your way soon to see what I have been missing..
    Hope alls well with you .. Take care..
    Sue ❤

    • Seenorway says:

      I was wondering where you’d got to? Lost in the marshlands?
      Yes, I do think you’ll find things a bit differently, and that has come about since bloggers mainly don’t bother about opening links. So – there are no links any more! I just couldn’t be bothered with finding / publishing links nobody cared to open. Your loss, I guess, as I myself have been to all these places. But the volume has increased somewhat.
      During August I published a total of 60 posts!

      • Oh wow.. I have been busy just enjoying summer away from WP reader and only commenting back on those who left me comments.. And not really exploring WP, As I have been busy harvesting, freezing produce and making jams and doing the odd painting..
        I often add many links into my own posts especially on my garden blog.. Like you say no one has the time anymore.. But the links are there for those who wish for more..
        Sadly we live in a world where it seems Time is always short and people want to rush here and there..
        Those days now for me are no longer important.. I arrive when I arrive LOL..
        I hope to catch up with some of your posts,, I don’t promise to catch up with all 60 🙂 and comment on the them all…
        Sending thoughts your way Svein and well wishes my friend… And so pleased you are part of my WordPress Family… Who wonder where I got too.. 🙂
        Love Sue ❤

  4. -Eugenia says:

    Yes, he is very majestic. Wow! He’s stunning.

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