The colorful Greenfinch

Tiden har kommet til å presentere den fargerike ‘Grønnfinken’ som ofte kan besøke oss i store flokker. Og ofte i konflikt med andre arter når det gjelder tilgang til matfatet! 🙂
Dessverre er dette ganske gamle bilder og med et litt gammeldags  kamera, så ble dessverre ikke alle bilder helt optimale, men jeg håper jo likevel at jeg har greid å formidle den fantastiske fjærdrakten til denne fuglen?
The time has come to introduce you to the colorful ‘Greenfinch’, which may often be visiting us in rather large flocks. And very often getting into conflict with other species regarding access to the birdfeeders!
Unfortunately these pictures aren’t quite what I’d have wished them to be, however, taken many years ago and at a time when camera technology was rather obsolete compared to todays standards, it will just have to pass? Nevertheless I hope I’ve succeeded in conveying
the colorfulness of these birds?
Grønnfinken finnes over størstedelen av Europa og også innover i Asia, men – de som normalt befinner seg i den nordligste del av Europa vil normalt trekke noe sydover når den kaldeste årstid setter inn.

The Greenfinch may be found over most of Europe – even North Africa and into Asia, however, those that frequent the regions towards the far North, will tend to move southwards once the harsh winter takes hold.
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2 Responses to The colorful Greenfinch

  1. Seenorway says:

    That’s a pain in the neck to me, ’cause I’m probably observing smaller things that I believe people will be sure to notice, but which they fortunately don’t?! 🙂
    I might decide to take my new camera bird-shooting just to observe the difference . . .

  2. -Eugenia says:

    What a pretty little bird. I don’t care what you say about your older shots, they look great to me!

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