The Beauty-Spot

Denne vakre lille elven med sitt glassklare vann direkte fra fjellheimen passerte jeg på min tur opp ‘Aursjøvegen’ fra Sunndalsøra og over fjellet mot Eidfjord. Det er en tur jeg antagelig vil huske med glede resten av livet. De som har vært med meg en stund, vil kanskje erindre å ha sett dette bildet tidligere, men – rundt 85% av dere har antagelig ikke sett det? Og det til tross for at alle bildene fra turen har ligget åpent på nettet i maaange år! Men – og jeg gjentar meg selv – hvis dere liker norske fjell og norsk natur på sitt beste, så er sjansen her fremdeles! Alle bildene fra turen kan dere se under denne linken: ‘AURSJØVEGEN’   –  Hele 36 vakre ‘full-format’-bilder fra denne turen.
This little beautiful river with its glassy clear water direct from the mountain ranges I passed on my trip across the Aursjoe road, starting in the city of Sunndalsoera across the mountains into ‘Eidfjord’. A trip across the mountains that I’ll probably remember the rest of my life! Those of you that have been following me for more than 5 years may remember having seen this picture before, but – 85% of you have probably not! And in spite of the fact that this picture have been lying published on the net for many years! But – and I repeat myself here:  If you have a liking for Norwegian mountains and Norwegian nature at its best, you may still have a chance to see the full report from this trip. Please follow the link:  THE AURSJOE ROAD  with 36 beautiful ‘full screen’ photos from this trip!
By the way – I’ve checked all the avatars of those having seen this report in full!
And – only three of them are among todays ‘followers’!  3!  The rest of you have not seen this report!

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8 Responses to The Beauty-Spot

  1. Seenorway says:

    That’s probably the Hardangervidda National Park, and yes I agree – it’s stupid, but Norway is one hell of a long country and throughout the country there are local politicians, having lived in that particular region for generations that decide what a road, fjord, park, church – whatever – should be called. Nearly unthinkable that there wouldn’t be several places with the same name?
    On a large geographic scale it doesn’t much matter, however, when thereare more than a dozen roads within the same city or municipality having the same name or at least something very close by, it creates problems for ambulances, firebrigades etc rushin to an adress several mile awayh only to find they should have driven in the opposite dirtection!

  2. Zambian Lady says:

    Very nice photos – I could not make up my mind as to which was the best. I have not been in the woods/away from cities in a very long time, so it was nice being outdoors with you through your blog.

  3. Great journey to Eidfjord…. I have actually done that some 28 years ago. Late summer so much of the snow had gone that year…just a little in the National Park 🙂

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