‘Valdresflya’ er et fjellparti eller ‘fjellovergang mellom Øystre Slidre og Skjåk-området noe lenger mot nord. Høyeste punkt på denne fjellovergangen ligger på 1389 meter over havet og er med det den nest høyeste fjellovergang i Norge. Bare veien over Sognefjellet er høyere med sine 1433 m.o.h. Dette bildet ble forøvrig tatt på den 20 Juni; altså midt på sommeren!
‘Valdresfla’ is a mountain plains, or a mountain pass if you will, between the region of Eastern Slidre and the Region of Skjaak somewhat further towards the North. The highest point on this mountain road is 4584 feet above sea level, and – the second highest in Norwaya – only surpassed by the road across the ‘Sognefjell’ which stands with a highest point of 4729 feet above sea level! This photo, by the way, was shot at June 20th; practically mid-summer!
Øde fjellterreng, ikke sant? Men vent nå litt!  Her oppe finnes det villrein i store mengder!
Og studerer man terrenget nøye, så søker de ofte hen til snøflekker hvor temperaturen er litt lavere og hvor plagene med fluer og mygg er litt mindre påtrengende!

Desolate and harsh mountain terrain, right? But just a minute! In this region you may find large numbers of wild reindeer! And very often they seek patches of snow where the air temperatures are a bit lower and where the problem with flies and/or mosquitos are somewhat less intrusive!
Ser dere hva jeg mener! Dette er faktisk et bilde av en av de snøflekkene som allerede inngår i ett av de øverste bildene. Så lett er det å overse dem, men så lenge vi blir stående her nede på veien, så er det mulig å ta bilder av dem. Går vi inn i terrenget, så forsvinner de på mystisk vis inn i terrenget!

Do you see what I mean? In fact this picture has been taken of a snow patch that have already been included in one of the above pictures. That’s how easy it is to overlook them, but – as long as we choose to remain standing on the road, it is possible to get a picture of them. Once you try entering the terrain, they will mysteriously disappear inside the terrain.

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4 Responses to Valdresflya

  1. -Eugenia says:

    Impressive mountain range. Is it always covered with snow?

    • Seenorway says:

      Well, no – that depends a bit on snow depths, temperatures, rain and God knows what . . .
      Varies a bit from year to year. These remainign patches would probably have decreased (or even disappeared completely) by late July, but yhou never know. Suddenly the snow might return by mid August or early September.

  2. Missy's Crafty Mess says:

    We saw rain deer at the zoo a few years ago and couldn’t believe how big they were. I bet they like the snow and the cooler temperatures

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