The Bumblebee

En av våre viktigste pollinatorer er humlene. En humle er bare en humle?
Nei, faktisk ikke! På verdensbasis finnes det ca 250 kjente arter, og vi er så heldige at
35 av disse artene lever i Norge! Mange lurer på om humler kan stikke? Og – svaret er dessverre ‘ja’, men det er et fåtall: Selve ‘Dronningbien’ og arbeidere direkte tilknyttet hennes ‘hoff’. De øvrige kan ikke stikke!
Her kan du studere detaljene på dette brummende vesenet som mange mener ikke skal kunne fly (tatt i betraktning vekt og vingespenn), men jammen flyr de! Jeg har sett humler – søkklastet med pollen (og til og med midd i store mengder) fly fra blomst til blomst!
One of our most important pollinators are the bumblebees! Just another bumblebee?
Oh, no! Throughout our world we have found something like 250 species and in Norway we are fortunate to have 35 of these living among us! Frequently I’m faced with the question: Can the bumblebee sting us?  Unfortunately – yes, it may! However, it’s only the queen bumblebee and her closest workers that have this defence system. The rest cannot sting you!
Here you may study the details of this noisy object, which scientists claim should not be able to fly (Considering weight and wing span) , but fly they do! Personally I have observed bumblebees loaded wit pollen (even  dozens of mites) flying from flower to flower.
Most natural thing in the world! 🙂

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5 Responses to The Bumblebee

  1. I love our bees and especially the bumble bees, we have lots of them here on our flowers, and I welcome them.. I am often finding them exhausted especially in the heat we have had.. I put some syrup and water on a teaspoon and they lap it up and soon gather energy to fly off.. Though I know their life span is not long.. Hence the phrase Busy as a Bee.. they really are hard workers..

  2. Seenorway says:

    It must be at least 10 years since I bought my first macro lense, and since then it ha been many!
    A bit surprisingly perhaps you may find that you actually need several – a bit depending on the task at hand. But – it has really opened an entire ‘new world’ to me!

  3. -Eugenia says:

    What a beautiful bee! Your shot shows how interesting they are to look at. Nature’s gift.

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