Lunar Eclipse or – Fake News

Etter å ha blitt tutet ørene fulle av hvor fantastisk måneformørkelse vi skulle få se, så var det vel de færreste som ikke hadde fått dette med seg. Selv fikk jeg en forsmak på hva so kunne komme da jeg kvelden i forveien så en uvanlig stor fullmåne over horisonten sånn ved 20-tiden. Dermed hadde jeg tid til forberedelser. Valgte ut et passende objektiv, passet på å ha et nyladet batteri og fritt utsyn mot horisonten der gårsdagens måne hadde vist seg.  Det var her det skulle foregå! Og – forestillingen skulle starte kl 21.30 !
After our ears had been filled with information about a lunar eclipse of all times, which was about to take place tonight at 9.30 PM, I think most people was prepared? I got myself a preliminary taste as the thursday evening arose with a large full moon hovering just above the horizon. So – I’d better be prepared this time? I selected a suitable lense, foun a fully loaded battery. This is the theatre where the show would start – at 9.30 pm

Eller ‘skulle ha startet’? Klokken ble 21.30 og månen glimret  fortsatt med sitt fravær!
Og uten hovedrollehaveren på plass – ingen forestilling!? Klokken ble sogar 22.00 og
fortsatt var horisonten bare en grå dis og uten måne! Derimot så det ut til at solen var i rute. Dvs. den var i ferd med å synke under horisonten sånn ved 21-30-tiden og – det var jo i henhold til avtale! Så kan hende burde jeg heller sikre meg noen brukbare bilder av solnedgangen? Som sagt – så gjort!
Or should have started! The time became 9.30 pm and the moon made a point of not showing up! It even passed 10 pm and the horizon was still a greyish haze and no moon!
However, it looked like the sun was keeping his part of the deal by dipping underneath the horizon at exact 9.30 pm! So perhaps I ought to settle for a sunset?
Et stor passasjerfly la igjen en stripe av kondens der oppe på sin vei mot Syden . . .
A Passenger Jet left a white trail up there on his way towards the South . . .

Og siden jeg hadde forberedt meg for en måneformørkelse, så hadde jeg jo nå et zoom
objektiv på kameraet, så da passet det kanskje å gå, litt nærmere dene solnedgangen?

And since I had prepared for a lunar eclipse, my camera was now fitted with a zoom lense. So perhaps we could go a bit closer to this sunset?
Jeg hadde vel egentlig tenkt at dette fikk holde? Dere har jo sett noen solnedganger tidligere, så jeg bega meg på hjemvei. Ja, jeg hadde faktisk begynte etterbehandling av bildene da kona slo full alarm: Skulle ikke du fotografere måneformørkelse da?
Klokken var nå faktisk litt over 11.15 pm

Actually I thought that this would probably suffice? After all, you have seen quite a few of my sunsets on earlier occasions, so – I started homeward. Yes, I had in fact already started processing the pictures I had taken when my wife cried out: Didn’t you want to shoot the lunar eclipse? And the time was now 11.15 pm!
Og ‘ forberedt’ ble plutselig ‘uforberedt’, for – jeg hadde jo vært innstilt på å operere i et noenlunde dagslys, og nå var det ‘svarte natta’. Det var noe helt annet!
For eksempel: For lite og for sent?! 🙂

And ‘prepared’ suddenly became ‘unprepared’, because I had prepared for shooting under daylight conditions, but now it had become the black of night. That was a game-changer!
Too little, too late?! 🙂

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12 Responses to Lunar Eclipse or – Fake News

  1. Missy's Crafty Mess says:

    It looks like you caught it just in time! All of your photos are beautiful

    • Seenorway says:

      Well, no – I think I shot it on the re-bound! But it is a very tricky situation to make the lightmeter work properly under such conditions. I’m not very happy with this photo, but those are the ones that I got!

      • Missy's Crafty Mess says:

        Well I think they are beautiful but we “artists” are our own biggest critics.

        • Seenorway says:

          Fortunately, yes! Just imagine if I felt that all my pictures were perfect? And that I would be publishing thousands and thousands of pictures that nobody actually wanted to see?
          What a waste of time as well as money! 🙂 But I’m very pleased that you like them! I’ve put my love into each and everyone of them!

  2. Paola says:

    All European peolpe “nose up” to the moon! It was fascinating

  3. We would also say…what eclipse. After all the nights of clear skies, Thursday evening became cloudy at just the wrong time 🙂

    • Seenorway says:

      Well, in our case thay had been as bold as informing us that there would bee no clouds!!
      A once in a life time experience to see, and that the conditions would be optimum! However, the time came, but the moon didn’t! You’d think that they would know the appearances of the sun and the moon by now? So I settled for the sunset!
      However I did get a coupled of shots of the eclips as well, but I was kind of prepared for shooting it under daylight conditions, and as it turned out – it wasn’t!

  4. utesmile says:

    I was so prepared for it. All week it was clear sky and sunshine, now on the lunar eclipse day it was so cloudy all evening we didn’t see a thing. 🙂

    • Seenorway says:

      But we didn’t hav e any clouds! Only a bit of haze on the horizon! Still we had to wait about 2 hours over the time advised. Today they are sorry over information given and claim it was du to weather!
      I don’t buy that! Neither the sun nor the moon should be affected by that as we had no clouds at all! How easy wouldn’t it have been to admit to a mistake? 🙂

  5. -Eugenia says:

    Last night – July 26th, we were gifted with a beautiful gold moon. Concerning the lunar eclipse, we won’t be able to see it in the US. Great shot!

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