Now, – who’s this?

Jeg tenkte kanskje det ville være på tide å fotografere hagens slavearbeidere som arbeider hard fra morgen til kveld og – uten betaling! Men – da jeg begynte etterbehandling av dette bilde-materialet oppdaget jeg et slags ‘fremmed-element’ i bildet: Hva i all verden var nå dette?

My intentions weree to shoot some picture from the slaves working my garden  all day long without pay, but – when I started processing this picture material, I suddenly discovered an unexpected element in one of the pictures: What in the world did I have here?
Og fordelen med moderne utstyr er jo at man kan krabbe litt nærmere selv etter at et bilde er tatt?

And the advantage with modern photo equipment is that you may get a bit closer even after the picture has been taken.
En søt liten ‘teddybjørn’? Eller et offer for grådige overgripere? Jeg tror vi må forsøke å komme oss enda litt nærmere?

A cute little teddy bear? Or a victim to dangerous attackers hiding in the shadows? I think we’ll have to try to get even a bit closer?
Selv i dette bildet kan det være vanskelig å identifisere denne lille karen, men – han ser på en måtte lykkelig og fredfull ut der han ligger? Men – han er definitivet et offer for en eller annen! Ser man litt nøyere etter der inne i skyggene så ser man tydelig bein fra en edderkopp, kjempemaur eller et eller annet insekt som idag har funnet sin middag!

Even in this picture it’s pretty hard to identfy this little critter, but – at any rate he looks kind of happy and peaceful lying there? But – he’s definitely a victim to some dangerous hunter! Looking closely into the shadows, we may se large legs belonging to a spider or another hunter of some sort which today have found its dinner!

(Compliments of SRB)
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6 Responses to Now, – who’s this?

  1. -Eugenia says:

    Your blog has so much to offer. I haven’t seen any blogs where the photography compares to yours, plus you include a nice narrative which is laced with your witty sense of humor. Methinks people don’t want to take the time to enjoy a 5-star blog such as yours.

    You know, I audit my blogs frequently and delete some of the older reblogs except yours. I enjoy going back to my blog and looking at your stunning shots. I should probably take that time to go to your Index and enjoy your archives.

    I’m cutting out a couple of my weekly posts so I can spend the time on my blogs as I see fit and do other things.

    Have you considered reblogging your older posts?


    • Seenorway says:

      Thank you for thee nice praise, Eugenia, and yes the thought of re-blogging has struck me from time to time. After all over time one accquire a lot of new friends/followers that wasn’t there when the original post was published for the first time. But – my old followers would expect me to produce something they have not seen before, don’t you think? And – there must be a reason for WP to have built in the archives in all themes that they offer?
      But – it’s futile to search for a specific report when the archives becomes as large as mine. For a start, you don’t know nothing about if I ever produced such a report, right? And you might be wasting a lot of time looking for something that isn’t even there. That’s why I built the INDEX! Select a community, chech alphabetically, and within seconds you have a much better idea what/where to look. But most people don’t even visit my Index?!
      Even if there is a direct link to be found at the end of each report!?
      But may be I ought to give ‘re-blogging’ a try? Select one report from June 2013 and see what will happen? It’s a thought . . .

  2. Seenorway says:

    Hi Dina,
    You seem to have read my somewhat acid words about bloggers not finding the time to look for anything but the absolutely newest posts? 🙂 But since I have been blogging since 2005 I’v been gathering a few experiences like a) Don’t bother to find suitable links to your articles. Nobody follow them anyway!
    b) Dont bother to keep anything! If it has become older than 6 months, nobody seems interested!
    c) Take a critical look at the number of followers! The majority of blogger (75%) last less than a year! Then they find new interests. d) Your best bet is to find the remaining 25%, treat them well and make them ‘like’ you well enough to become true followers.
    Even so it will take you a lifetime to gain a volume that will spark your interest to go on.
    The exception being all those that will say anything for money. (You know whom I mean?!) But they can never be trusted to stay with you unless you pay them well! Mind your rudder, girl! 🙂
    About my INDEX:
    If you know your way around the locations of ‘Norwegian counties’, you should absolutely be utilizing the INDEX! By doing so, you’ll find whatever you’re looking for in a matter of seconds. Much easier than opening 65 months at random to look for something that may not even be there! 🙂

  3. Dymoon says:

    always enjoy your posts.. thank you.

    • Seenorway says:

      You’re welcome! But whilst you’re here:
      I just discovered that one of my better reports from 3 years back have received only 14 ‘likes’? After having been published for 3 years?! It got me wondering:
      There are approximately 7000 ‘full screen picture’ posted at this blog over a period of 5,5 years, but if people never look up anything older than 3 months, I might just as well delete
      80% and save my self a lot of space as well as extra expences?! I fact It goty me thinking why I’m doing this? 🙂

      I know it looks like a futile task to randomly browse my archives. That’s why I have constructed the ‘INDEX’ (There is a link to my INDEX at the bottom of every post published!) which will get you and anyone else a much better idea of what’s here. And you may even find what you’re looking for within seconds . . .

      • Dina says:

        I think it’s nice to keep the former posts as an archive. They have got their history and we put lots of work and effort into each and every one. Well, maybe I’m only trying to find an excuse for recently having decided to go pro to get more data space. 🙂
        Wishing you a wonderful summer!

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