Hanging loose –

Egentlig ville jeg fotografere bier og/eller humler som besøkte vår prydrips ute i hagen, men  – det er merkbart mindre bier og humler sammenlignet med tidligere år! Og det er den egentlige katastrofen som verdens ledere synes å feie under teppet? Selvsagt benytter ikke nasjonens landbruk uegnede sprøytemidler! Selvsagt ikke! Da har vel bare humler og bier reist på ferie til ‘den andre siden av gjerdet ‘ hvor ting er grønnere da?!
Men – så oppdaget jeg plutselig en annen detalj. Var det bare et vissent blad som hang der i vinden? Eller var det faktisk noe som benyttet min busk som jaktområde?

Primarily I had planned to shoot a number of bees and bumblebees visiting my Ornamental Currant blooming in our garden, but – there were nearly no bees to be seen!
Then I noticed that there were practically no bumblebees either. Not compared to earlier years! And that pans out to be the catastrophe the world leaders seem unwilling to talk about? But of course, our farmers world wide do not use forbidden insectisides that aalso kill off our best pollinators, do they?
Of course not! So we must conclude that bees an bumblebees have starte to take vacations – just like we do?! Somewhere the grass is greener and flowers plentyful?
Men hva i all verden er dette? Noe vissent som er ført hit med vinden? Eller?
Nei, her er det faktisk en liten kar som har begynt å bruke vår hage som sine private jaktmarker! Eller?  Var det kanskje bare noe bøss som hang der og dinglet?

But what in the world was this? Something dead brought here by the wind? Or?
No, could it be that someone had started to use our garden as his private huntingb ground? Or what?
Men der han han altså – helt urørlig!  Var han død? Jeg ga ham øyeblikkelig navnet ‘Lille Willy’ og strakte prøvende ut en lang finger og dyttet ham forsiktig i ryggen! Da ble det liv!
Willy likte ikke å blir forstyrret i jakten!

But there he was – absolute motionless! Was he perhaps dead? I baptized him ‘Little Willy’ and stretched out my finger and carefully nudged him on tha back. Then he came to life!
And he didn’t much appreciate to be disturbed in his hunting!
Øyeblikkelig grep han tak i bladet og svingte seg opp!
Instantly he grabbed the leaf and swung himself around!
Er alt i orden, spurte jeg. Ja, selvsagt! Ikke forstyrr meg! Ser du ikke at jeg jakter?!

Is everything OK, I asked? Yes, of course! Don’t you disturb me now. Can’t you see that I’m hunting?
Og like fort som jeg trakk meg tilbake, så svingte han seg ned under bladet og inntok samme stilling som før. Jeg kunne ikke se hva som foregikk under det bladet, men noe viktig må det ha vært?!  🙂

And just as fast as I turned away, he swung down into the exact same position as when I first spotted him. I could not see what went on underneath that leaf, but it must have been pretty important?!  🙂

(Compliments of SRB)
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10 Responses to Hanging loose –

  1. Leyla says:


  2. -Eugenia says:

    Amazing shots, Svein. I agree the diminishing bee colonies are a great concern.

  3. puzzleblume says:

    Flowering currants usually are Iike humming bushes, but not this year, also in my garden. I feel astonished about the loss of insects even at your place, somehow I hoped, it was a more safe from this.

    • Seenorway says:

      I’m afraid it’s not! This is a world wide problem! In some countries the bee population has fallen back with as much as 80% and in China they have been pollinating apple plantations manually for years now. If the weather should fail massively one year, we’ll be all be in deep shit as the nutrition chains might break and species lost for ever.

      • puzzleblume says:

        After the bloom of the fruit trees is already over here, I must say, there are more fruit settings to find than expected. Honey bees and bumble bees, mining bees and others are few, but “someone” must have been busy anyway, even if I did not notice. So I think, it is not too late to get wiser.

        • Seenorway says:

          There are campaigns to hang or to produce so called bee-hotels round about, but it’s of no use if there are no bublebees in the first place?
          Every farmer in the world have fields that yeld nothing! They should all be compelled to estblish ‘flower fields’ to substain the spreading of pollinators – world wide.
          The same ought to apply whenever the authorities build roads.
          50 yards of flowerfields on both sides. That would also prevent trees from spreading close to the road sides and enhance traffic security.

  4. utesmile says:

    What super pictures!😊

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