Looking for the Spring

Etter en uke med betydelig varmere vær og en sol som nærmest ga oss sommer-temperaturer, så børstet jeg støvet av mitt kamera. Kanskje var det på tide å gi seg skogen i vold? Finne ut nøyaktig hvor langt unna våren virkelig var? Ville det for eksempel være mulig å ta seg gjennom skogen uten ski eller truger? Eller ville det bli for vått eller glatt?
Husket jeg lenger hvordan jeg best behandlet mitt kamera? Så jeg gjorde hva man av og til kaller en ‘prøvekjøring’, og her er noen inntrykk fra turen . .
After a full week of sunshine and temperatures that more or less reminded me of summer,
I brushed the dust from my camera. Perhaps it was time to find out how close the spring had really had come? Would it perhaps be possibe to walk through the woods without skies or snowshoes? Or would it perhaps be too wet or slippery? Did I still retain the ability to handle my camera the way it ought to be handled? So I did what many does:
Embarked on whyat you could cal a ‘test-drive’. And here are some impressions from the trip!
Til alle de som har fulgt meg en stund: Ja, vi er tilbake til bredden av den tidligere viste
‘Vesledammen’. Et lite tjern som på en måte danner skillet mellom skogen og en aktiv bebyggelse. Gjennom sommeren er det et populært sted for familier med sine aller yngste.
Her kan man få seg et bad, øve seg med fiskestang, gjøre opp bål og grille pølser, plukke blomster eller på annen måte bli utfordret til å bli kjent med naturen rundt oss.

To all that have been following me for some time: Yes, we are back at the banks of the little pond called ‘Vesledammen’. A small lake or pond marking the boarderline between the woods and a suburban area only a hundred yards away! Through summer this is a popular spot for families with their absolute youngest children. Here you may learn to swim or just get a cooling dip in the watrer. Or you may try out a new fishing rod, making a fire, grilling your hot dogs, chops or whatever. Or you may look for flowers, mushrooms or in a number of ways be challenged to learn how to enjoy the nature around us.
Men – idag ligger isen fortsatt her oppe! Den er imidlertid høyst usikker og tar man sjansen til å teste den, så kan utfallet fort bli en veldig kald dukkert. Vakker med sine sjatteringer, men farlig for dem med litt ekstra å bære på . . .

But today the ice is still prevailing up here. It is , however, not to be trusted! And if someone still wil try to challenge it, the result may very fast turn into a very chilly experience indeed! Beautiful with its many colors, but extremely dangerous for those with a little extra weight . . .
Litt uvwentet møtte jeg en sommerfugl i disse omgivelsene, og antagelig var han nok like sjokkert som meg 🙂 , men jeg fikk aldri sjansen til å bytte objektiv. Det var forøvrig en citron-sommerfugl – lett kjennelig i sin intenst gule farge.

Unexpectedly I met up with a butterfly in this area, and perhaps he was as shocked
as me 🙂 , but I never got the time to change my lense for a shot. It was, however, a lemon butterfly – easy to spot with its carachteristic bright yellow color!
Nei, her kommer jeg nok ikke lenger! Snøen kan dekke over mye rart, – også åpent vann –
og jeg har intet ønske om å snuble med et dyrt kamera i hånden –

No, it doesn’t look like I’m getting any further in this direction! And as the snow might cover a number of hidden surprises, I have no wish to stumble into anything with an expensive camera in hand –
Legg merke til hvordan snøen har smeltet raskere i en ring rundt trestammen. Det kan bare forklares ved at treet utstråler en slags reflektert varme? Eller finnes det en annen forklaring?

Please observe how the snow have melted in a circle around this tree? It would seem that the tree is emitting som kind of reflected heat from the sun? Or is there another explanation to this?
Idet jeg kaster et lite blikk bakover så kan jeg faktisk skimte taket av de aller nærmeste husene. Ja, de er fakisk ikke særlig lengre unna enn dette, men det er det jo ingen som tenker seg . . .

Throwing a glance across my shoulder, it’s actually possible to observe the roof tops of the houses closest to this place. Yes, they are actually as close as you may see, but very well
shielded from nature . . .
Det var vel egentlig like bra at jeg ikke bega meg innover i skogen? Det viser seg jo at store områder er dekket av smeltevann som ikke kan unslippe før telen slipper taket i skogbunnen, og det kan nok enda ta en ukes tid . . . Hva sa du? Amazonas? Nei, vi er fortsatt i Norge! 🙂

Actually it was just as well that I didn’t press on into the woods. It seems that large portions of the woods are still covered in melt water which has no way to escape before thawing reach down a couple of feet deep at least, and that may take another week . . .
What? The Amazone? No, we’re still in Norway! 🙂
Et skritt og du er klissvåt!
One step – aand you’re wet!
Og hvis du blir gjennomvåt og må skifte, så er det lite med skjulesteder –
And if you get wet all through, there are few places to hide –
Det ligger store snøflekker innover i skogen. De kan nok passeres, men – det kan bli ganske mye smeltevann mellom dem!

There are rather large patches of snow lying about. You may get passed them, but chaces are that the terrain holds a lot of melting water in between!
I det siste har det heldigvis blitt satt opp en del benker på strategiske steder gjennom landskapet. Det gjør området tilgjengelig for mennesker som kanskje har behov for en liten pustepause en gang i mellom.

Fortunately a number of benches have been places along the tracks opening the recreational area for people that might need a breather once in a while.

Vannstanden kan av og til synke under isen og etterlate ‘lommer av luft’.
The water level in the lake might from time to time fall and leve ‘pockets of air’
I fuktige omgivelser blir mosen raskt intens grønn!
Under damp conditions, the moss tends to turn bright green!

(Compliments of SRB)
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14 Responses to Looking for the Spring

  1. What beautiful photos Svein, Each one telling the tale of melting snow.. Wonderful you spotted a butterfly, Me too, I posted a picture of it on our daffodils, it was cold out but sunny, and I took it through our window.. 🙂 Wonderful to see..
    There have also been some huge bumble bees flying too, 🙂

  2. Slowly, slowly……then spring and summer will be over in a flash and it will be back to winter all too soon…. 🙂

  3. utesmile says:

    Still quite a lot of snow though, beautiful pictures.

  4. -Eugenia says:

    It seems spring is slowly and surely arriving where you live. I can see why you don’t want to venture too far where there is still snow on the ground. Beautiful shots, Svein.

  5. Seenorway says:

    Thank you, Hester! Have the fresh water situation in SA gotten somewhat better?

  6. HesterLeyNel says:

    Beautiful pictures. Springtime seems to be asserting itself. We are in the last throes of summer and trying to make the most of it.

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