Waiting in vain?

Forrige året kom våren faktisk i midten av Februar og de fleste trivdes godt med det, men i år har det vært ille. Ikke bare kom snøen tidligere enn vanlig, men det kom også betydelig mer enn vanlig! Og kaldt ble det! Her i lavlandet hvor det er vanlig med ca 5-8 minusgrader gjennom vinteren så har termometeret flere ganger passert 20 blå! Et par ganger har det til og med vært på vei mot 25 eller kaldere! Ingen snakker lenger om ‘global oppvarming’, men vi aner jo at den kommer uansett . . .?Last year the spring arrived in the middle of February and everyone seemed to thrive with that, but this year it has been bad! Not only did the snow come earlier than before, but we also got much more of it than usual! And it became cold! The usual winter temperature here in the ‘lowlands’ lies from 5 – 8 degrees C below zero, but this winter the readings have several times over passed through the ’20 C below zero-barrier’ and even at times attepted to close in on minus 25 C or more! Nobody are still talking about ‘global warming’, but we expect it to come anyway . . .
Rundt huset ligger det fortsatt snø i en dybde av 60-80 cm og haugen i bakkant av bildet var i forrige uke like høy som huset. Nå har den heldigvis sunket litt sammen, men er nok ennå godt over 2 meter høy! Men det er her! Andre steder rundt i landet ligger det nok dobbelt så mye?! Kanskje til og med mer!

Around the house the snow is still lying nearly 3 feet deep and the pile in the back of this picture was last week just as high as our house. Today it has fortunately sunk together somewhat, but are still well above 7 feet! But that’s here! In other parts of our country there might easily be twice as much?! Perhaps even more!
Dette siste bildet er et panoramabilde fra nabolaget.  Som dere ser så har mye av snøen nå sklidd av takene fordi vi stort sett bruker sorte plater på taket. Sorte plater som fanger solens varme og tiner snøen fra undersiden, men ellers ligger snøen fortsatt ganske kompakt. Og derfor vil det nok gå enda en stund før jeg kan konkurrere med vårbildene som nå har begynt å komme bl.a. fra England 🙂

This last picture is a panorama shot from my immediate neighborhood. As you may observe much of the snow has by now slid off the roofs due to the fact that we are mostly using black tiles that will catch the warmth from the sun and melt the snow from down under, but otherwise there is a rather compact layer of snow all around us. It’s highly likely that I won’t be able to compete with the spring pictures  appearing from the UK these days for quite some time! 🙂

(Compliments of SRB)
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22 Responses to Waiting in vain?

  1. Kelly MacKay says:

    We had a relatively easy winter here in New Brunswick, Canada. Most of our snow came in March and it is rapidly melting. Spring will arrive for you.

    • Seenorway says:

      Hi Kelly, and welcome to my blog.
      Yes, spring will come – adventually! But this winter has been a far cry from last winter when snow arrived after New Yar eve and the first signes of spring hit us mid-February. This year the snow came mid-October and is still lying 3-5 feet high in places. But we’re still smiling! We’ll get there!!!

      • Kelly MacKay says:

        Why thank you for the reply. three winters ago we had 11 ft of snow and it was 2 cm under the all time record. New Brunswick is famous for snow. We got off easy this year. Keep smiling. cheers

        • Seenorway says:

          Good morning, Kelly
          I know NS may be harsh at times! 🙂 I did in fact visit New Brunswick one time back in 1957/8 (Can’t quite remember), but we spent hours removing ice from our boat which was litterally covered in ice a foot thick! Would have loved to see it in the spring or the fall, but I never got the opportunity! One time visit only!

  2. -Eugenia says:

    Svein, the weather is crazy here too but we are seeing more permanent signs of spring with warming temps and budding trees. With all of that beauty, the glitch is the pollen, which is extremely bad this spring. There is yellow slime on everything and it kicks up my allergies terribly.

    We just got our nesting doves yesterday. This is the 3rd year they have selected our potted plants for their residence. They’re fun to watch and I assume there will babies soon as there has been in the past.

    The snowy view of your neighborhood is a pretty scene and be sure to share that same scene when spring arrives.

  3. Paola says:

    Dear Svein, now the snow is completely melt (except over 1000 mt), but we had a lot in Italy as well, A very cold winter

  4. I agree Svein, while spring keeps trying the weather is up and down and all over the place at the moment.. And while our snow is now all gone, the warmer weather has now retreated again.. But my daffodils are starting to open, as are my crocus .. The birds are nesting too.. So Spring has Sprung.. ❤
    Nice to be here again visiting you Svein. xx

  5. We didn’t have much snow in my neighbourhood, but temperatures got low half way februari. Only now it’s warming up a bit. This has been a strange winter. I hope you’ll be snow free soon!

  6. utesmile says:

    that is a long winter. May the sun come soon and bring some warmth!

  7. puzzleblume says:

    Must be hard to stand all that springtime-cheer from other places stuck-up in so much snow.

    Around here, a short frosty winter period came in March, only 2 weeks ago, with -10°C for about a week, just when the birds just got ready for nesting after some warm days. All activities stopped suddenly. The birds of passage, like the siskins and other finches, cranes, geese and more stay here, instead of flying north or east. The winterly look of your images tells me why.

    • Seenorway says:

      But – have you ever wondered – how do they know that the spring hasn’t yet arrived up North? Because usually they keep on flying right? I don’t believe they’ve come to read newspapers or listening in on the ‘telly’ even if we have arrived at 2018?
      So how do they tell?

      • puzzleblume says:

        I think, from the still not nourishing nature here, they dont’t get any impulses to try it more north. As soon as spring appears here, they will . When it became cold in Mid-March, cranes, geese and starlings for example flew west, to the North Sea coast beween the Netherlands and Bremen, where the climate is constantly milder.

  8. Seenorway says:

    No, but you live down Johannesburg way I guess you’ll have to go easy on the water?
    But – this has gone on for some time, I believe? Look to the Persian Gulf where they have built several plants that converts salty sea water into fresh drinking water! What mhave been done in S.A. short of closing the water pipes?

  9. HesterLeyNel says:

    Our weather is just as erratic. Here on the south coast we hardly saw any sun this summer. We had lots of rain and strong winds. The rest of the country is still suffering severe drought in places. At least I don’t have to battle a mountain of snow just to get out of the house!

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