Thank You All !!!

Som mange av dere har fått med seg startet vi en omfattende kontroll av oppslutning, trafikk, registrerte følgere og mye annet for å bringe en del usikkerhet til klarhet.
Våre engang 1030 registrerte ‘følgere’ viste seg fort å ikke være tilstede. Enten hadde de for lengst sluttet å blogge, eller de hadde funnet seg andre blogger de ville følge. Nå – etter ganske nøyaktig ett års kontroll kan vi fortelle at vi kunne slette 85% av våre registrerte ‘følgere’ uten å merke annet enn at vårt trafikkvolum faktisk økte med 30-40% fordi vi fikk langt bedre kontakt med de som virkelig var der og som beviste det ved å respondere på nye publiseringer!

Gjennom denne kontrollperioden på 370 dager totalt har vi mottatt 7428 anerkjennende ‘likes’ og 1023 hyggelige kommentarer! Men det skal ikke stikkes under stol at noen har vært litt mer aktive enn andre. Det anses helt normalt. Vi har alle litt forskjellig med tid til å surfe på nettet. I prosessen opprettet vi også en ‘følger-klubb’ delt inn i forskjellige
nivåer. På denne måten kunne vi også måle ‘lojalitet’ (om vi kan bruke et slikt uttrykk?)
Vårt topp-nivå ‘Gruppe Gul’ har gjennom perioden fått 21 kvalifiserte medlemmer!
Nest høyeste nivå: ‘Gruppe Grønn’ har idag 9 medlemmer, men et par mangler kun noen ganske få responser før også de kvalifiserer til ‘Gult’.
I gruppen under: ‘Orange’ bor det idag 10 bloggere, deretter i ‘Gruppe Brun’: 17 stk og til slutt ‘Gruppe Blå’ (Mer enn 20 responser) hvor det idag er 52 bloggere.
Dertil finnes det selvsagt noen hundre som aldri kom seg over 10 i løpet av året og som derfor fallt ut i løpet av perioden. Hvorfor?  Fordi vi gjennom dette året har publisert ca 12-1300 bilder fordelt på noe rundt 4-500 innlegg. Da har det vært mange muligheter!

Men – vi vil benytte anledningen til å rette en varm takk til alle som har fulgt oss, og kanskje særlig til dem som har tatt seg tid til å skrive en liten hilsen/kommentar e.a.
Det verdsettes virkelig! Og vi vil fortsette å ta best mulig vare på de som  virkelig følger oss! 🙂
– – – –
As some of you may have noticed, over the last year we have been monitoring our popularity, traffic volumes, number of followers and much else in order to bring clarity to a number of difficult questions.

Our once 1030 registered ‘followers’ very soon proved not to be there at all! Some had long time terminated their attempt to operate a blog or they had found themselves other blogs that they wanted to follow. Now – after having monitored our blog closely for a year, we may inform you that we were able to remove 85% of our registered ‘followers’ with no effect to to our traffic volumes. In fact it increased by 30-40%, probably because we got a much better and closer contact with those that were really there. Those that proved that they were there by responding to our new published pictures!

Through this monitoring period of 370 days we received a total of 7 428 positive ‘likes’ and 1023 pleasing comments. We will, however’ not hide the fact that a small group were somewhat more active than the rest. That’s quite normal as we all have different amounts of time at our disposal for surfing the networks. In this process we also established sort of a ‘followers club’ divided into different levels depending on activity. This also gives us an opportunity to learn who is really following and who’s not.

Our top level: ‘Yellow Team’ has through the monitoring period aqquired a total of 21
qualified members! The number 2 level: ‘Green Team’ has as of today 9 members where of a couple are very close to entering the Yellow Team. Next level: ‘Orange team’ have by now 10 bloggers and our ‘Brown team’ is the home of 17 members where as the last level: ‘Blue team’ has a total of  52 members. In addition there have been several hundreds that never made it past 10 responses throughout the monitoring period and therefore were removed from the equation at some point. Why so? Because we have through the monitoring period published something like 12-1300 pictures through something like 4-500 different posts! There has really been a lot of chances to respond.

We would like to use this opportunity to send you all a warm thanks for your efforts and loyalty! And perhaps particularly to those that have taken the effort to leave a greeting or comment.  It’s greatly appreciated! And we will, of course, try to meet the needs of those really following us through the year to come.

(Compliments of SRB)
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About Seenorway

'See Norway' vil i fremtid befatte seg med å vise bildereportasjer fra byer, kommuner og tettsteder rundt i Norge. 'See Norway' will take pride in showing you picture reports from communities and settlements throughout Norway. Contact:
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29 Responses to Thank You All !!!

  1. Dear Svein, I am so happy to be part of your team, no matter what colour I am.. 🙂 And good to be back in blog land again..
    I am sure if all us did the same experiment we would find many blogs had expired.. I did a shuffle of the ones I follow and found many had deleted or had not posted in the last 6 mths..
    Wishing you well dear Svein.. and thank you for my for your own welcome comments upon my own blog..
    Love and Hugs
    Sue ❤

    • Seenorway says:

      Oh, Sue, you are a long standing member of my yellow team – right up there at the very top 🙂 , but you have gotten company this summer!
      Yes, no doubt you found plenty that had expired. Especially if you haven’t undertaken this little experiment for a number of years?! You know, there are a lot of people with ambitions wanting to producce the best blog in the world, however, they don’t realize the time consumption and the effect this has on everything else in their life. The critical phase being from 3-6 months from start-up! And when they start up it seems it’s very important to surf the net and sign up as a follower a dozen times every day. Which suddenly becomes an additional problem as time is running out. There is a limit to the number of hours you may put into this on a daily basis, but you know that! New bloggers don’t! (As simple as that!)

      • Agreed on all counts Svein, this is my longest absence in over ten years.. To have a successful blog one also has to put in the hours to read others posts and comment etc.. Time when you follow many soon expires very quickly in a day . And I am happy to know I am yellow.. One of my own favourite colours that match the daffodils right now.. Enjoy your Easter weekend my friend.. and take care in the snow still under foot..

  2. -Eugenia says:

    Wow! What an accomplishment. I frequently perform an audit on those I follow and if no activity in 6 months, I no longer follow them. I agree the number of followers shown on our sites is misleading and I prefer quality over quantity. Are you seeing any signs of spring?

    • Seenorway says:

      I agree! As for spring we’ve had much more snow than usual this year. Partiularly in the ‘lowlands’. Outside of my kitchen window I have a pile of snow 10 feet high! But – we have been promised bright sun every dfay through <eraster, however, the temperatures in the night are 10-15 degrees below zero and the days plus/minus 3-5 degrees. I think it will take some time yet before we may really enjoy the sun!

      • -Eugenia says:

        Do your weather forecasters get within 10% of what actually occurs? They can’t seem to get anywhere near with their predictions here.

        • Seenorway says:

          Well, sort of! I remember back in the old days where they had a success rate of approximately 50%! We used to joke about that we were all ‘forecasters’ in those days, but – today with modern equipment, weather radars and telephone lines to local weather offices all over the country, we get ‘hour by hour’- forecasts to out telephones with something like a 95% accuracy. Of course, they miss once in a while, but like they all say: Weather forecasting is not (and has never been) an exact sience!

  3. I guess with long dark snowy winter evenings you had to find something to a do (He,He! 🙂 ) Glad someone is keeping an eye on us all.

    • Seenorway says:

      I’d like to think that’s why, however, the real reason was that I failed to understand how it would be possible to have more than a thousand followers and only register a respoms from 18-25 ‘likes’ om a 1st class picture. As it turned out I only had something like 250-300! The rest you know!

  4. Seenorway says:

    He he, yes, I’ve tested that out! A couple of times I have written a message intended for my Norwegian followers only, thus written in Norwegian only! But I got a piler og ‘likes’ from the US, Indonesia. the Phillippines, Japan and elsewhere in the world which made you think that Norwegian must have evolved into a ‘world language’?! 🙂

    • puzzleblume says:

      That is fun, but for example me, I would have used the Google translator in such a case, if I had been interested enough to get some idea about the article 🙂

      • Seenorway says:

        That’s a lot of work! And the result will often give you a good laugh! Only I don’t think most bloggers are prepared to do that job? In my experience only 2% takes the time to follow a link! That’s why I’ve completely stopped inserting such links. They will not be utilized!
        So why hunt for them and why publish them? May be I’m a bit desillusioned, but I’ve been blogging since 2004! And I’m beginning to understand this movement? 🙂

        • puzzleblume says:

          As I started once, too: in 2004 in Windows Live Spaces. Those were the days 🙂
          I often think of the times, when everyboy was blogging for his private musings, connecting with the world, because it was wonderful to share and learn about the other ways and lifes, and about hacking the possibilities of the given website-tools. Thank you so much for this reminder!

          • Seenorway says:

            Yes, those were the days, and quite different from what we experience today!
            Now I’ve passed 81 and that means that I can’t take anything for granted. But I’ll keep up the photography as long as my health allows me to.
            I’ll conclude this pleasant little chat with a tip:
            Please google ‘Norwegian counties’ and try to remember the geographic locations from the maps. Then open a random post. At the end you’ll find a link leading to my ‘INDEX’.
            In my index everything is listed alphabetically under their respective counties. And with a glance you may see how many pictures included in each post. Looking at the lower right corner of any picture you’ll find a unique ‘photographers ID (3 letters).
            If you take a fancy to any special photographer, please insert this 3-letter code in the little search window and hit the ‘enter’-button. Now you’ll be presented with the complete works of this particular photographer! Or you could insert ‘Oslo’ and see all photo reports related to Oslo. Please enjoy!

  5. puzzleblume says:

    What an amazing heap of work you did for this!

    • Seenorway says:

      Thank you! Yes, it proved to be a lot more than anticipated, but now I know much more about the dark side that we normally don’t see. And I pity those believing they have 5000 followers. What a rude awakening they have in store! 🙂 But – much easier on me having to cope with a quality crowd of only 150-200 ‘real followers’ and I’m in personal contact with most of them. That’s the way it ought to be! Don’t you think?

      • puzzleblume says:

        I know about these spam followers, coming with just “waste accounts” for provoking clicks. But until this article, I wasn’t aware, we could delete them from our side of the blog. So I will have a look for this way, too, also because of the “network-widget”, where followers and the followed were shown at the same time, and so, like on Google plus, we get involuntarily involved into friendslist even on mean political websites or porn – I know about this problem on WordPress.
        Your article is a wake-up call. Thank you again for this.

        • Seenorway says:

          I was kind of hoping you’d say that! 🙂 And I think anyone with a blog should take more interest in this, because when I may delete/remove 85% with no loss in traffic volumes, so may probably everyone else as well?! And it gives us all more quality time on our blogs! More instant communication!

          • puzzleblume says:

            It is more satisfying to know about one real reader, dropping some words now and then, feeling interest in what we are doing, but hundreds of numb or mute “followers”.

            • Seenorway says:

              That is so right! The good news is that you only notice about 50% of your traffic.
              A large portion of your traffic – those that read your stuff through their ‘readers’ probably don’t get registered in the regular statistics. When adding up the traffic volumes it’s way more than the official statistics. I’m in doubt as to whether traffic from/via android mobile telephones gets registered at all, but for the time being – this is what I have.

            • puzzleblume says:

              That is what I thought about the WordPress-“statistics”: they show just some, but not all readers, probably they are just interested in counting advertisment-viewers, because this is, what is important to WordPress and to some bloggers as well.
              I know, they don’t count mail-following readers without WP-account, and I am pretty sure about frequently visitors without abo and account, going directly from the “faourites” in theirs search-tool bar into the blog, they are unseen as well. Maybe this is WordPress’ way to suggest making accounts and give them another place for advertisment, because they want to be noticed by their friends?
              I think, the readers are more than to be known, even if some followers don’t really read, but “throwing Like-stars” just for grooming an being polite.

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